TD Guidance - Dealing with a player who "forfeits"


Yeah there seems to be a difference in “attitude/convention” for pinball vs CCGs. I come from CCGs and have seen the same behavior, in fact most serious players think it’s dumb/stupid/useless to grind away in a tourney you cannot advance to playoffs/finals in.

If the pinball event is IFPA sanctioned for some players, a better finish outside of playoff matters for their ranking and such. This isn’t true fore everyone if they truly want to be high up since eventually players get to 20 events and then the “quit because I can’t get X.YY pts comes up” haha

I don’t see any major issue if someone quits between rounds of matchplay and informs the TD. I’ve seen this happen at different events in SoCal for different reasons: can’t qualify, tourney taking too long, emergency, don’t want to pay to play anymore, etc.

In all these cases the player is either de-activated in the software so they don’t get drawn in groups or finish last in any group they get thrown into. I personally prefer the first over the second since having a “phantom” player who finishes last helps out the other players in the group.


I see. I haven’t played any other collectible card games at the tournament level, so what I know is strictly based on that. Interesting to know this does happen with other games too.

That’s also a good point about your standings during the regular rounds counting in these pinball events, because I don’t know of a card game tournament’s structure doing that. Once you know you can no longer qualify for playoffs/finals, you’re out until the next one you enter. (For Pokémon, there are so many people playing that the only people who could really advance to the World Championships are people who have won multiple tournaments or won at least one major tournament.)