Sweet pinball moments


Yeah my focus early on was 100% on finishing Battlefield, and I actually had to use the mode start hole because the right ramp diverter was busted and I couldn’t get one side.


So many I can still remember clearly:

The first time making the 1 Billion shot on BoP when it originally came out and I was still at Uni. Such an adrenaline rush.

Winning my second major comp (The first comp I was on fire in the 4-player final and won with games to spare) The second however was again a 4-player comp but on a single game of IronMan.
After we had all played 2 (ridiculously bad) balls the scores were virtually tied on 2mil each. I was player 1 and with some excellent players to follow me I knew the best chance I had was to try and stack Warmachine and Monger Multiballs. I managed to do it and knocked off a couple of jackpots, including one as the 2nd ball drained. It meant that the others were forced to try and follow the same strategy, but 2 of the 3 started Monger alone and I took the win.

And finally, completing my 30hrs of playing WPT to break the Guinness World Record while raising awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer, as over 2,500 watched online.


During a round at the 24-hour Sanctum battle, I walked up to ball 3 on Indy 500 with 26 million points (the other players had all put up 200 to 500 million.) Three multiballs later… I walked away with 900 million points and cinched first place for that game.


My 30th Annivesary party at my business. Lyman Sheats
was here. Competing in the tournament. He brought with some posters and
stuff to share with the people. A Father had brought his daughter in to play
pinball. About 7 years old, freckles, cute as a button. And she loved
playing pinball. I asked Lyman if he’d do a favor for me. He asked what. I
asked if he’d sign one of the Medieval Madness posters for the little girl.
Lyman did and I gave it to the little girl. The next day the Father called
and thanked me and told me how excited his little girl was. She taped the
poster up on her wall. I mentined to him he should frame the poster. He
asked why. I told him that if his Daughter really likes pinball, years from
now that poster will mean a lot to her. I told him to check the autograph
and the two names on the playfield for the design credits. He was shocked,
he said he’d get the poster framed for his Daughter. Nothing better than
making a child happy. :slight_smile:
LTG : )


Met a good old friend a few days ago.

Taxi multiball time. Nail Santa as last passenger needed. While in celebration jingle, park the other ball behind it via Gorby. As ball ejects - instant payout. Sweet.


First Vacation Jackpot in White Water, didn’t even know what’s gonna happen so pretty neat. Same thing with Scared Stiff but then I was a senior on this one :slight_smile:

AFM: Competition with friends place, game with owner of the place/game. He played first, ended somewhere 2,4B, I got 300M before last ball. Thought, if I’m gonna beat this guy, let’s do it properly = aimed for TA with no progress, succeed and won the game.

Swedish open few years back in INK:ens place at Borås. Pinball orienteering or something like that. One try. Games: NBAFB - MM - FT. Goals: Slam Dunk - Lite Madness - Lite Monsterfish. Won with almost perfect play, only NBAFB did take 2 tries, first shot when ball exited from bumpers didn’t go to right ramp. MM super skill shot, loop pass, catapult, hop over and catapult with hit the switch - FT, directly from plunge hit the boat ramp without missing a shot. That gave pretty nice adrenalin rush to be able to hit that so perfectly. With audience and all! Cant remember the time, could be something like 1:25


The time I got all three balls into the powerfield during powerball mania simultaneously- and managed to get two of them through the top!

Fun fact - I didn’t have to requalify before the second award.


Bringing this thread back from the dead! :skull:

I have a sweet pinball moment to share- I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. It’s not even my moment!

So @BonusLord has a birthday right around Halloween, and he and his wife throw an awesome spooky birthday party every year. Fog machines, themed foods and backlights, it’s a blast. Anyways, a friend and I have been mingling for awhile and decide we need to go back to playing some pinball. Ghostbusters was open so we pick that. Going up to the game, we can see someone played 2 bad balls (under 1m) and walked away without even playing ball 3. My friend is holding a beer and decides he’ll one hand it until it drains and then we’ll start a new game. He proceeds to blow. It. Up. Storage multiball, he’s completing modes, getting 2 or 3 extra balls along the way. He even gets to Mass Hysteria multiball- all the while he’s holding and drinking from his beer. It was hysterical to watch! After all the balls drained and the proverbial dust settled
… he had over 1 Billion! I don’t think the following game even came close to that :joy:


An awesome photo finish at the LA Deadpool Head-2-Head launch party. The challenge was to start Katanarama Time:

Players are Mark Maleko Schulz and Brent Stoddard.


Interesting to note when the switch triggers: Mark’s ball won as far as starting Katanarama Time, but Brent’s ball went around the ramp horseshoe and got back down to the flipper first.