suggestion for 2018 SCS


Change of address could be addressed in a claus


If our hypothetical situation was what the rules were, in this situation, yeah you’d have to travel to IL to compete. I don’t think having the option to choose from multiple states last minute is a good thing, hence my support for this change.


It’s not up to me!


Sure, why not?


I see it as screwing people for life situations that may occur. A players competitive pinball season can be ruined in February due to an external life situation (moving for a job), and the IFPA just killed their motivation to want to compete in the new state they just moved to.

Unless that’s seen as a positive thing for players in that situation and I’m in the minority here?


I see your point but if it were me, I wouldn’t be too upset about it. I could still compete, just would be harder logistically to qualify for IL again, and I could play in tons of MI events and get good practice for next year if I choose to switch to MI the next year.

I see this as a way better situation than someone switching to another state last minute because that state is perceived to be easier to win and I only qualified for that state because I attended a large event there for reasons that have nothing to do with the SCS.


Well, someone is always getting screwed. Is it fair that a worldwide top 10 player from Washington can come down to Oregon and take the opportunity from local players to get a chance at nationals? My life situation is that I can’t afford to travel to different states and farm state points from easier competition. Should we cater to me? Maybe not. But I feel like currently the people who can afford to travel to multiple states to compete are benefiting from this situation significantly.


No you add a limitation if someone pays in Jan and then moves in feb same year. You just transfer there $125 to the correct state. Say if you move after march then you are stuck


And then some of us [I could name names] choose to participate in events not based on how close they are but on how competitive they are. Why should such players be penalized and have it made more difficult to get into the Nationals because they prefer to challenge themselves during the year by playing at Circuit or Circuit-caliber events rather than Generic Joe’s weekly or monthly league?


It’s certainly a difficult issue, and I don’t claim to have all the answers. But if you have the time and resources to pick and choose which events around the country you attend, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be that difficult to pick a state to focus on and hit a couple extra tournaments there (or even just play more in your home state).

As I said, someone will always be getting screwed. I’m just of the opinion that the system should be skewed toward players who actually live/compete regularly in the state they end up competing in. If people who get to go to elite level tournaments multiple times per year all across the country have a slightly harder time getting into nationals, I guess I’m just not particularly sympathetic.


That’s perfectly fine. I for one am not lured to other huge tournaments because of the SCS implications, it’s the sheer difficulty of them, money, and bragging rights, and papa circuit implications.


I’m curious to see if the majority feels that picking before the season starts is a better plan than having registration after the season is completed. This is under the assumption that there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the January 31st cutoff.

  • Anyone that moves for work, moves for love, moves for any reason at any point after January 31st cannot change their SCS pick
  • Anyone that misses the January 31st cutoff in picking a state will be automatically put into the state registered on their IFPA profile.
  • Anyone that starts playing after January 31st is also ineligible to compete in any SCS state that current season
  • Any player that picks a state, doesn’t qualify in it, but does qualify in another state is ineligible to change at any point.
  • If you pick your state based on the expectation that certain tournaments will be happening, and they end up NOT happening, thus rendering your potential to qualify impossible, that player will be out of luck.


I would add the sugestion that if a player doesn’t select a state, they would be automatically selected for the state their IFPA profile is registered under (if they are registered.)


Fixed! Let’s see where the survey goes on this one :slight_smile:


Next your going to suggest that the country on your IFPA profile should match the country of the city on your IFPA profile.


50/50 so far after 14 votes . . . I haven’t been up this late waiting for the votes to be counted since last November! :wink:


What if they arent registered? Feb. 1st they are ineligible to compete in any SCS?


Sure. If you want to take advantage of the framework the IFPA provides for the State Championships you should at least be registered on the IFPA website.


I run a couple of events a month at a local gamebar. I don’t want to tell a new participant in Feb/March that they can’t play in SCS because they missed the Jan 31st deadline.

It seems like some of these suggestions are skewed to the top 1000 or folks who find loopholes.


In Cincinnati my new players don’t even get what WPPRs are all about for like 5-6 months let alone know how or care how the SCS works. I really think this would be a non issue.