Stuck ball question


The Stern Army can stage a coup to takeover leadership of the League.



I’m the LD and was acting TD for this.
After reading over this discussion, I thought I’d comment.

Obviously it would be better if interlock was disabled. But playing in a home-based league, that may not happen, or even be possible. Regardless, it wasn’t the situation we found ourselves in, so had to deal with it as it was.

In this situation, the stuck ball was not giving the player an advantage, so I think I"d make the same call again - basically calling on paragraph 10 (I now know). To me it seems ludicrous to disadvantage a player for a stuck ball that’s not affecting game play.

What I didn’t do, but now realize I should have, was to give him a choice of getting rid of the stuck ball right then (and lose MB) or do what we did - continue 2b MB until down to 1 ball and them have him shoot scoop to clear the stuck ball. But with the warning that if he gets a double drain or drains while shooting scoop, turn is over. I didn’t give that warning and probably should have.


Was playing fish tales. Started MB and two balls kicked out, the third stayed in the left lock. I was down to one ball, ruling was to open up machine, hold ball so that ball search kicked in, catch second ball coming out of lock, place both balls on left flipper and resume. Was this the correct ruling?

Also maybe 20-30 seconds later when the first jackpot was collected the game kicked a third ball into play for some reason. Wondering what happened there?


Seems that once the ball was stuck you should have attempted to free it, not after going down to one.


I think as long as at least 2 balls are in play, the stuck ball is allowed. Once down to two balls (one playing and one stuck), then need to get it unstuck.

I think the way this was handled was fine. Allows the player to keep their multiball, and frees the stuck ball.

The third ball shooting into play is a play on IMO unless the game lost track of how many were in play and ended the ball prematurely or malfunctioned in some way because of it.


but doesn’t playing with a stuck ball give the player the advantage of not having a ball being at risk?


Edit: looks like this was discussed earlier in this thread. Couple ways to handle it. See above posts.


I ended up voluntarily draining that third ball since it obviously didn’t belong. Made sure to let the other players in the game know too.