Stranger Things Rulesheet

This is highly dependent on setup. Pro or premium?

Pro is grind out modes and MBs while making sure to play as many different types of modes as possible while getting your 5 way combo on ball one. Also make sure to get burn it back loops going early to start 2x playfield. Remember every other mystery award adds time.

Premium. Can you make the mouth consistently? Then it’s trap em MB all day. Lock a ball or two for TK, then get to trap em. Kill the first demo right away to lock in the 5mm jackpots. Then use mystery add a ball and swipe a ball to play this MB all day and get hundreds of millions.

If you can’t make the mouth, see pro rules.


Pro, yup. Thanks for the advice!

thanks to @CaptainBZarre for doing the Quick Links revision on this rulesheet, for people to access the specific content they want MUCH more rapidly.


So how exactly are you supposed to get the 2 drawings during Follow the Compass? Feels like every time I get there I eventually have to shoot either the mystery target or Burn it Back and both of those cause the spinner to register…

Just have to hope the spinner doesn’t register when it comes out of the kickout.

Looking for some info about proper game function on a pro, for my on location league:

  1. Before the playfield is validated, should the game recognize that a ball is stuck on the playfield? Specifically, we’ve had balls hang up behind the drop targets and game does not go into ball search. The manual says there’s a drop target ball sense but indicates it in front of the drops. Could this also mean the shooter lane switch is not registering?

  2. The mystery shot up post is non-functional. Besides the ball coming out from that feed with speed, is there some effect on the game? It looks like there’s a short range opto there, will that still function correctly and what does that switch control?

  3. One player is saying that in their experience, sinking a ball through the demogorgon’s mouth will award mystery if mystery is lit. Is that correct?

  4. Same player also claims the center button has a second function other than killing a demogorgon once per game. This is a pro, is that correct? (The rulesheet does not indicate any other use)

  5. At best guess, “lite extra ball” setting for burn it back is set to auto-percentaging, does that readjust mid game? I.e. player 1 only needs 1 shot to lite, but player 2 might need more? Would it adjust to 2 shots or could it adjust higher as well?

  6. What are the playfield validation rules when it comes to ball saves?

Thanks for any help.

The opto that runs behind the drops is not working properly. I’ve seen these swapped with other optos in the game before, or disconnected.

Fix the up post.

No. See answer to #1

Incorrect. Only one use on the pro.

Should be the same for all players, but I switched mine to a hard number early on.

Same as the start of the ball.

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Thanks for the response. I’m not certain why the up post below the left ramp has been removed, but my understanding is there’s currently not an estimate on fixing it.

That could be causing other issues with switch confusion since the game needs to pause when the ball is shot there. Lots of optos and switches in the small area from the demogorgon to that up post.

Why do you say the game “needs” to pause? I agree that it is designed to pause. I know there’s an opto where it would hold the ball, but it should still sense a moving ball in the area.

Just a hunch. I’m sure the game “works” without it, but can also see it getting confused if lots of other switches are registering when it’s supposed to be holding the ball to go through typical animations of other features.

Did some off glass testing for the 5-way combo and discovered the following (Did testing on code 1.05 & 1.07):

  • You can shoot the same shot over again but only certain shots (left orbit, left ramp*, burn it back/inner right loop, right ramp) - *If a ball lock is lit at the left ramp, it appears to break the combo (might be able to overcome this by flipper cancelling the animation and shooting another combo shot immediately after it gets back to the left flipper - need to test)

  • The following shots can be the last shot in the 5-way combo but if shot earlier in the sequence, they appear to end the combo: Saucer/kickout, Mystery, Middle, Right Orbit/Far right (is it technically not an orbit since it just feeds the pops and returns back down?), left ramp when lit for a ball lock

  • Not sure how much time you have in between shots but I don’t believe it’s as long as 10 seconds. I’m guessing it’s about the same time you have to hit a combo shot in Save Will which you can tell by the insert flashing for a few seconds (about 3 I think) after you hit a mode shot. This is why I also think the left ramp kills the combo when it’s lit for a ball lock b/c it takes too much time to hit the next shot.

  • Need to double check but I believe you can collect the 5-way combo during MB but you just need to make sure you do not shoot one of the combo ending shots mentioned above unless it’s the 5th shot.

I’ll update the rulesheet but just wanted to paste it here first so others can see the changes from the comments.

@chuckwurt You seem to be pretty knowledgeable about this game. Would like to get your take about the 5-way combo and if I missed or got something wrong.

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Feel free to update. I didn’t test the behavior very much at all. Just confirmed that left orbits only counted.

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Did some more off glass testing and was able to use the left ramp with ball lock lit as one of the first 4 shots in the combo but needed to cancel the animation and hit the next shot w/o missing to keep the combo going. IMO much harder to do but it appears possible. Made edits to the combo section to reflect this.

Also made edits to the Where’s Barb section and the mystery shot spotting mode progress when Demodog is lit.

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Did more off glass testing to get updated info on the Chapter scoring. In the process of updating & reformatting the Chapter section. Should be completed within a day or two.


Season 1 and 2 chapter modes have been updated. I was surprised how the scoring worked for Monster Hunting (specifically the last shot being affected by how many drops you shoot on the last wave). Get Me Out also seems like a good mode to just wail on drops during the beginning of a MB.

Also, updated the info for the Demodog modes and Dart/pop bumpers.

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