Stern Pro Circuit

Great. Thanks for clarifying.

I doubt Pincinnati creeps up into that sweet spot of averaging around 45-50 points per event, but if it does, would be sweet to have a circuit event in cincy.

surprised to see the german pinball open. I asked tobias about 3 months ago and he said no, they won’t be part of the series…

Just got word that no IFPA tournaments at all at LAX this year. Maybe some local barcade ones happening before or during the weekend though.

Boo! Might be the first time I don’t make the drive to LAX.

It will be a very different experience for sure, but I am looking forward to just partying all weekend and not having to worry about the tournament.

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Re the just-updated Stern Pro Circuit 2019 Standings …

Josh or Brian will correct me if I’m wrong, but … a Caution before anyone gets too excited about the updated standings with FPF and OBX Mains in there: results are recalculated after previously unreported events are loaded. Since there were Classics events the day before the main events, Pincinnati, The Swedish Championships, plus a bunch of smaller events that have yet to be processed, don’t assume that the standings you see are final, especially considering how close some of them are point-wise. There shouldn’t be any big shifts, but stuff that’s within fractions of a point may move. Give it a week or two to settle out.

I see Josh just posted to that effect on the IFPA site.

Anyway, congrats to Eric for jumping into the top 20 (possibly knocking Zach out, pending updates). Alek, Lewis and Cryss also moved up nicely; many spots are unchanged from a week ago, most moved at most +/-2. Other than Eric, no one else was new to the top 20; oh, and Eric did need to WIN to make it; 2nd would have left him behind Zach.

Still too close to call: Alek vs. Karl, Bowen vs. Lewis, Jim vs. Colin, Zach vs. Jason.

I’m also sitting on an email from a incorrect duplicate profile created from Intergalactic results. That will change the value of EVERYTHING going back to August :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on those standings throughout December. I’ll find some way to give Zach 0.39 WPPR’s. #collusionstartsatthetop


I’ve seen rare occasions on the IFPA site where two players are listed as tied for a ranking position. If it came to that for a Circuit seeding position, would you refine the calculation to more decimal places? Possibly of greater importance to you, what if that happened for the last IFPA slot?

I believe our system calculates to four decimal places but only displays two publicly.