Stern Pro Circuit - starts in 2018


Perhaps I have just been listening to @pnmastr too much.

Just kidding, Fred!


You would be incorrect. Historically, very few (read: none) European events nominated themselves for the PAPA Circuit. When informed they were eligible and, indeed, pushed by organizers to at least submit their names, a few ended up on the Circuit! This year, however, the PAPA Circuit instituted a per-player fee for all Circuit events, and the European events elected not to participate.

Regarding the surveys: Some TD’s really took those responses to heart, listened to the feedback, and responded to their participants. Some of them were… less interested in feedback. We find value in the data, though, which is why we’re still sending out surveys after events even though we’ve known for a while that they will not be the way we determine circuit events after this year. I would encourage people to continue to be honest in their feedback. It’s anonymous, and it helps. :slight_smile:


I’m assuming that the intention is that INDISC and Arcade Expo will be linked. 2017 was likely a one-time exception due to work they were doing in Banning in January, thus they needed to move Arcade Expo itself, but INDISC was already set in stone and couldn’t be moved.

My best guess is the two events will be one and the same again in 2018- as they were in 2016.


No, sorry. INDISC 2018 is January 12-14. Arcade Expo 2018 is March 16-18.


Arcade Expo is the same weekend as the Texas Pinball Festival.


man conflicts conflicts… T__T


We use to be 60$. We upped the 24 hour to 75$ this year to cover papa circuit fee and using a ticketing agency fee. Any couplenod dollars that may be left over will go back into upping the caliber of medals if possible. We sprinkle prize money up and down the whole list of 100 players. Someone coming in 100th place can take home money :slight_smile:
Our georgraphy isn’t the best. We are at least about 2 hours from NYC so that helps. New York players have been a great supporter of our location all during the year. We are in a town that’s not a great place. In a weird part of the town. In a weird old mill building with no show or event attached and about 40-45 minutes from the airport.


I noticed the entry fee was a bit higher, but I didn’t even stop to question it. You guys run such a great event that I trust whatever fee you decide on will be coming back to the players and going toward event expenses. Good choice on using a ticketing site, by the way. Last year’s system was confusing when registering and it must have been a nightmare on your end confirming with everyone. With how fast you’re selling out now, the ticketing site is essential and I’m fine with it being absorbed by the entry fees.


Thanks. You are totally right. Last year was a huge pain for me. This year was a cakewalk for me. Glad it was easier for everyone else despite going so quickly.


I already was thinking about participating in the 24 hour, but this description makes it a priority for me. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.


I still have my t-shirt saying that which I picked up at a science fiction convention about 35 years ago. Wonder how far back that quote goes?


I hope you were one of the ones to sign up in the first 2 minutes of registration then :wink:


Not this year, but hopefully I’ll have a good enough ping to get it next year.


@JimiWolf ran this tournament format yesterday (though with “only” 10 strikes) and it was a ton of fun! Finding yourself i a group of four with strike counts of 8/9/9/9 makes for a nerve wracking game of pinball!


How many players and how long did it take?


Rhode Island Pinball is running it in October -


20 players, I left before it was over. Took 13 rounds.


I better get the “Standings” page fixed before then! Turns out it displays standings in a bit of a random order :wink:


13 rounds took 6 hrs. The last 3 rounds were in 3, and 2 player groups.


Interesting. Was it on MatchPlay? If so, link?
I’m curious as to how quickly players were being eliminated – the biggest negative feedback I receive on X-strikes formats is people getting eliminated too quickly. Maybe this format alleviates that somewhat?