Stern Pro Circuit Championship: The Beginning?


You mean a grassroots effort like this?


I think you all are missing the point that a successful production is more than just the guy on camera. These sport events include multiple layers of people supporting the person on camera. The statisticians, the director, the video graphics people, the instant replay people, etc. All of these pieces are working together to provide that ‘professional’ level experience people see… and THEN we talk about the commentator’s knowledge, personality, projection, accuracy, wit, etc. Now add to that the PREP that goes into the production before hand… the research, the pre-edited footage, the interviews, etc.

Streaming teams for the most part are still just the people on camera, with maybe one layer of tech behind them.

The problem isn’t really the lack of people who can be in front of the camera/mic - it’s that it takes a whole concerted effort and INCLUSION of the broadcast into the event to really get that level of output. People have been trying (like the effort put into pinburgh last year)… and of course Karl has been pushing the presentation and tooling to new heights… but the thing is a PRODUCTION which requires prep and a team… not just the right commentators.


Is there a link to circuit finals this weekend online


first 2 rounds are on paper only, one more game before they move to the top 10 ladder format and there should be an online link.



Thanks , forgot about the ladder so not much needing to see how it is going when watching on YouTube


Congrats to the winner!!


Was this awesome? 200 raging paying pinball fans right. I did not see it, i just see a bunch of instagram posts saying the commentators were all drunk.


Well, I crushed then I crashed. 13 points in the 1st round and 2 points in the 2nd round. Finished somewhere between 15-20. The ladder finals was one of the most electric finals I’ve ever witnessed!


That is far from the truth. The only one I heard 1/2 drunk was the guy who announced the new Stern game.


Nice job Chris! Not an easy road, that’s for sure.


Yea whoever those two were that were brought on to reveal Iron maiden were a discrace


Maybe that’s what it was then during the reveal. Good job in your rounds


100% agree. Terrible way to do a reveal.


There is something called professionalism, that jackass they had for the Stern machine announcement has zero. Felt horrible for the PAPA team, Jack Danger and everyone else that had to sit through that 5 minutes of awkwardness it was completely embarrassing. The players showed up today and put on one hell of a show really enjoyed the stream, with all of the announcers today. Good work all!!! Congrats Josh you played awesome man.


Circuit Finals were a blast, 30 dollar well spent. The other stuff that was going on did not interfere with watching the tournament. Stern brought in 8 games (4 GOTG, 2 Areosmith, 2 Batman 66) all on free play that made the downtime fun.

Next time would love to see more on site commentary/announcing to the local audience. Its was hard to track early rounds due to the standings not being available. There were a couple game issues during the early rounds that could have been resolved with a longer testing period (maybe a local league finals :wink: )

Great job PAPA, IFPA, and Stern! You do amazing work.


Also agree with others’ sentiments about the pinball stream: FANTASTIC! Great play, competition, commentating, and production. Well done to all involved.
And congrats, Josh!


Since @pinwizj won it does this mean the circuit finals can never be considered a major :thinking:


Is the Circuit Final considered a major? From the IFPA site:

“Four tournaments will receive a multiplier of 1.5X the calculated tournament value. We consider these tournaments the “Major Championships” of competitive pinball. These tournaments are: IFPA World Pinball Championship, PAPA World Pinball Championships, Pinburgh Match Play Championships and the European Pinball Championships.”


I think what he means is that it will now NEVER be considered to join the 4 other events as a major going from 4 majors to 5.