Star Wars plunge is horrible pinball design.


Not a problem, set it up so auto plunge and full plunge is safe 99% of the time and let them waste their ball save plunging themselves or they’ll just learn to push the button.


My auto plunge on my pro is friendly as well. Not saying it never finds an outline, but I bet it’s less than 10% of the time. Where a full plunge is more like 30-40%.

I wish the escape would stop flashing after it’s used. On many games you can get multiple kickbacks in a row if they are back to back. But I’ve hit the escape on plunge after using it and despite the fact that it’s still flashing it won’t save the ball a second time. I usually forget this and don’t try and nudge the ball to safety.

As for ball saves in general I turned mine off after watching nationals. Doesn’t seem to make a huge difference for me. Over probably 100-200 games I’ve only had 3 house balls once. Average is under 1 for sure. Probably like one every 3-4 games.

But yeah if I played a SW on location with no ball save I’d be salty. Ha


Thanks for the shout out!


Do you need any TAs or research students? I could use the extra cash to offset my student loans and don’t mind testing every switch.



(this should be good) :slight_smile:


@pinwizj. Pinside Petey said it best when he said you’re pretty cool and smart. You remove ball saves on games (even with auto or button plunges) and we still play in your tourneys.

Case in point, at PinMasters, pressing a button on AFM that had the ball not make the upper lanes (as it rattled to try to make it to the top) and thus…insta-drain. I’m sure it’s the player’s fault, but I haven’t figured out how they could have plunged better by pressing the button differently.

But, wouldn’t it be a crazy idea if each player had control for at least one flip on newer/modern games (like TOTAN, TOM, WCS) vs. no chance on a button plunge and the game/coil/plunger malfunctions and the player gets no chance through no fault of their own.

Cue the EPSN Ocho broadcaster: “Ah, that’s pinball” Meanwhile the viewer, is saying “that sucked…wow, THAT cost them the championship?” In esports, do joysticks break or malfunction, and if so what do they do? (I’m asking because I don’t know). Do triggers stick in Big Buck Hunter comps?

I’m sure in I’m in the minority, but I want to see the best players shine. I’ve yet to see a World Series where a ball wasn’t in play. Pitcher gets to throw it, batter gets to hit it, fielders get to catch it.

House balls happen, players can react. 100% But sometimes nothing can be done. Not sure the solution here. Doesn’t have to be ball saves on. How about switch hits to validate playfield? Ball on flipper? Who knows? But feedback received from some tourneys on game set ups aren’t always positive as players spend lots of money to play, travel, etc. I don’t have an answer, but would love to see if there’s a better system.

This will all be moot, when pinball moves to timed games vs 3 balls for televised competitions. Best scores in 2 minutes works best for TV (editing).


Dictator/Emperor Josh said this to be funny. Wasn’t said.


Did you ensure that the ball in the shooter lane was aligned correctly and was not sitting too far to the side/forward/backward before plunging? You could have probably nudged the game for better contact between the plunger and the ball.

“Had you propelled the ball along the proper trajectory, you would have been rewarded.”


You’re joking right?


Definitely - hence the STTNG quote :blush:. Based on personal anecdotes of this actually being a thing I’ve seen on location machines the advice isn’t wrong, but we really shouldn’t have to worry about it for high-caliber tournaments.


I don’t think it’s crazy at all . . . this is why "Glass Off Pinball"™ will be the future.

We have found a problem that is able to be corrected, and have a solution that works 100%.

All of the Classics games will out of control plunges up to the top . . . no longer an issue for a player to potentially not have at least one controlled flip per ball.

I can see a time where the IFPA will no longer sanction the use of games where the player is not guaranteed to have one controlled shot per ball.

There was a time where Harry Williams once said “The Ball is Wild”. Sorry to disappoint, but Harry Williams is dead, and so is that tagline.


The ball is wild. I think there’s actually too much skill in competitive pinball, and welcome the variance.

That said, Star Wars remains an unforgiving a-hole for casual and/or location players who don’t deserve the abuse.

edit: Damn it, Josh nerfed my “ball is wild” reference right before I posted it. He may be a perennial bridesmaid in major championships, but I think we can all agree he’s the KME of snark.


It happened to each player on each ball. So the first time it happened there was no reaction time. 2nd player, same thing happened. Ball was in correct spot in shooter lane so something else was wrong.

Again, the whole point (the dream if you will) is to be able to see a player have at least one flip. If not a flip, at least control in case of a plunger malfunction or button plunge. After that, it’s all players control.


For Star Wars, has anyone tried disabling/disconnecting that second shooter lane switch to see if there can be an invalid playfield situation?


What if one of my parents is Lori Laughlin?


April Fool’s is only one day, jokester. Save the comedy to the pros.


Well, then I’m in the minority too. It actually seems to me that the sorts of game setups that make great players look silly are mostly becoming a thing of the past so I’m actually hopeful here.


Wouldn’t that take away your plunge award? Also, in Dwights previous games (GB and GOT) once the ball hits an inlane or outlane switch the PF is valid


That’s probably the case, true.


Jay Collins @jay, you are the (unofficial) Vice President of Pinball Profile. First item on the agenda, add more majors to the calendar year…wait, already done.