Space City Open 2018 and Houston Arcade Expo - 10/19 -10/20


Nothing in particular regarding the messaging, just could have been better. I watch the Texas FB groups and Tilt regularly if not religiously and had no idea that registration would be limited or that tickets would be for sale at a particular time. No worries.


You must have lost your religion then on this one. :wink: In the Bat City FB page alone, Phil posted about the format, it being limited to 64 players, and the registration date…on Aug 5, 25, and yesterday. And he posted here. I’m not going to bother counting how many time he posted in the other TX FB groups.


Confusing wording there on my part- I meant that I check facebook anything but religiously. In fact, I hadn’t checked anything in the last week. My mistake there.

As for messaging- the show is two months out, I’d just started thinking about it. I checked IFPA a couple times in the last few months for details but it doesn’t look like an event has been registered yet. Whatever messaging there was, it was outside of my sphere of incoming info.

Too much pinball, good problem to have. No need to drag it out further in this thread, looking forward to show updates and announcements as they come. Didn’t know it was at a new location either, definitely looking forward to that.


Scratch that- It’s registered but I’d missed it because the name’s changed. I’m just totally out of the loop.

More fleep, less derp!


Sorry Thomas, sounds like you just got unlucky :disappointed:. Get on the waitlist! There’s sure to be some turnover, and it’s also possible that We expand the field.

And yes, the new venue is AWESOME. I had a chance to tour it a few weeks ago. Huge upgrade from previous years.


Just a suggestion for future Texas tournaments (TPF, Bat City and Houston Expo) especially since it’s looking like the trend will be limited now.

Could I suggest that we have TPL qualifying before registration opens for future limited based tournaments in the future? I was lucky and got a spot but I kind of feel for anyone that may qualify for TPL and not get a spot in the tournament. I know it pushes TPL qualifying up a bit but it may make it easier for those that qualify to ensure they get a spot in the tournament as well. I know that was kind of the vision thus why we do it before the 3 majors in the state.

Figured I post here vs starting a new thread since it really was only a Texas thing (for the most part).


Definitely something to keep an eye on. We’ll see what happens with TPL qualifying this season. If lots of people skip qualifying or finals because they didn’t get into the tournament, we will absolutely need to make some changes.


Limited edition T-shirts for the 2018 Space City Open are now for sale! Get your order in before September 30. T-shirts can be picked up at the Houston Expo.

Note, T-shirts must be purchased in advance. We will not have extra shirts for sale at the show.

Make your order here:


Are these LE’s or SLE’s? Just wasn’t sure if I needed to submit a video justifying why I should get one :slight_smile:


10K by Christmas!


A note on your entertainment. I usually go to the Houston show, but not this year due to the conflict with Expo in Chicago. Your show info mentioned “The Harp Twins” as musical guest, and that sounded interesting, so I checked them out. Turns out their tour included a stop near me here in LA, so we went to their concert last night in Pasadena [6 miles from JPL, for you space city buffs]. Excellent! Highly recommend to anyone going to the Houston show that you go see and hear them! Oh, yes, you may hear some pinball machine-used tunes as part of their repertoire: among other songs they played were Fade to Black and One [Metallica], Highway to Hell [AC/DC], Dream On [Aerosmith; okay, not one of the machine songs, but still …] and an awesome rendition of Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark. Plus a couple from Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Billy Idol, Eagles, etc. If you talk to them after their gig, tell them Bob from Pasadena says Hi!


We’re all super pumped for harp twins! Thats awesome that you got to catch them in Pasadena!

Yeah, the conflict with chicago expo this year is a bummer. Sorry you can’t make it :frowning:


1 Week and counting!


Your entertainers, the Harp Twins, use two different types of harps - - symphony and electronic. Most of the time, they’re each playing the same kind, but I got one shot that shows them with one of each:


The 2018 Space City Open will be streaming Saturday October 20. Women’s finals at 4:30pm Central, and A-Finals at 6:30PM Central.

I’ve made a ton of recent improvements to the stream to make everything super polished. Our new mobile rig will allow all 20 games to be shown in 1080p, 60fps. We have new cut animations for a professional feel. We’ll also be debuting slow motion instant replay so viewers can get a second view of all the sweet saves and tragic drains. Hope you’ll tune in!