The “Pee-Ay-Pee-Ay” championship!


It’s fine, I don’t root for me either :wink:


So from what I could see from the stream… my expectations for this ESPN coverage went way way way down.

Can any of the people that were there comment on any production or coverage they saw being gathered at the event?

Did people get interviewed… have people been contacted or plan to be outside the event to create more stuff for the show besides the live competition video?

@Smack847 anything you can share with us now that the live event portion is behind us?


Michigan is going to be WELL represented.


You’ll just have to tune in on the Ocho to find out but plenty of things in the works behind the scenes.


The suspense is killing me.


You have a long wait ahead. ESPN Ocho airs 8/8 each year.