Seeking clarification on a ruling (split from Incorrect Rulings thread)

It’s not about good versus bad. It’s about a known result. That player that finished 4th was already defeated by everyone. There’s no need for additional data to make that finishing position known.

The other three players could all have bad scores as well, or all have great scores. The only thing relevant is that their finishing position was not known for certain at the time of the malfunction.


Why void a game if you know when the malfunction occurred? Voiding a game means restarting from zero and you should have to beat every valid score. If players 2-4 get to replay their balls that happened before the malfunction then player 1 should too.

Compensation balls avoid this.

It’s not about good versus bad. It’s about a known result.

It is the same thing. The result is known exactly because it is bad.

Absolutely compensation balls should be used for any score that was verified. My example stretches to literally that Tron burning to the ground, or any other catastrophic malfunction.


Player 1 could have had a great game … That’s still irrelevant.

At FPF I had 1.8bil on WCS which was guaranteed last place before the remaining players played their third ball.

If WCS burned to the ground, those players had already proven to have beaten my GOOD score with a GREAT score.

But we can agree to disagree on this one …

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Tron starting on fire is only a minor malfunction.

Playing El Toro is a major malfunction.


Don’t we, though? Here’s the relevant part of the original post on this particular Tron game:

Even an ambiguous reading of “He was on ball 3” says to me that Player 1 was done before the malfunction occurred. Therefore that player is done, 4th place, full stop.

No. The TD voided the whole game. Maybe they determined the malfunction happened at an undetermined time. Our TRON on location sometimes does the same thing.

If the TD knew for sure when the malfunction happened they could have awarded a compensation ball to player 4. We don’t know why they did what they did.

Seems like a TD would need to have great knowledge of the game’s rules to make this call (switch malfunction) to rule out any other possible explanations of how disc multiball started. Doesn’t Flynn’s Arcade sometimes award “advance disc”, so it’s possible the player started disc multiball this way?

Is the stream available online to review?

Seems like if the switch (opto?) by the disc triggered erroneously the display would still show the animation indicating a disc hit (X more to access disc), and if the player was 2-3 shots away there would need to be 1 or 2 of these animations before the final switch hit to start multiball.

I think I understand what you’re saying now. Because it was a recap of a stream and not someone actually present, we don’t know for sure what the TD said. I still think player 1’s 4th place stands though. If the machine was malfunctioning enough to be pulled, it should have been pulled before the game was finished, especially with something like a flaky disc. That would have been immediately obvious to anyone watching/playing, so I would be confident in saying there was no malfunction prior to what we’ve been told.

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