Ruling: Listening to the tournament stream while competing

Good call. This was supposed to discuss the permissibly listening to a stream while playing.

Actually, all the coaching-related discussion could be excised.

but in some cases it stops an out of turn.

bowling, american ninja, track, darts, arm wrestling, boxing, any other type of physical fighting match, gymnastics, swimming, diving, rock wall climbing, tennis…i could go on and on. I am totally for coaching while playing,. for players who don’t know every code change of rules to a machine while others are younger players that have more time on their hands to learn it all on the daily or have access to tons of games based on where they live. Yes to coaching. It’s only verbal.

Coaching in tennis is explicitly against the rules and the coached player can be penalized up to and including disqualification.

Coaching IS allowed in pinball, between turns.

Just to be clear, I am all for coaching between balls. I am not for coaching when it is the players turn to be at the machine. Nearly every sport you listed is an example of the former.


It’s funny to think about coaching a bowler in progress though


Hey Bowler - hit the pins!!

There should be a new tournament… probably for fun… seasoned player coaches other player, see how they do.

Bring back Screamball, the anti-coaching tournament, where opponents are free to yell, scream, taunt, mislead and generally do whatever they can (sans touching) to distract the current player at the game.

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Nope, when these players are playing actually, people, parents, coaches all can speak to them including TENNIS on some levels.
Womens pro level DOES allow it once per a match.
on the collegiate level, here is that info.

College On-Court Coaching Rules

Collegiate tennis matches follow the rules of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA). One of the coolest things about college tennis is that coaches can be on the court – at all times . Coaches can communicate with players either visually or audibly, and there are no restrictions on how much time the coach can spend with the player. Coaches can actually talk to players in between points!

Since multiple matches happen at the same time in college, coaches can also change courts whenever they want and can coach multiple players at the same time.
also, high school levels also vary. my sons tennis allowed it, i watched several coaches coach during matches coaching players, some parents as well.

Boxing coaches and audience are yelling the entire time. “watch his left”, break it up, etc. same for the rest. All during while they are competing, not after, not before, during. Bowlers talk to their coaches (at school level) at all times. not when they are actually walking on the approach, but up to when their hand is in the ball. That is not a rule that they have to stop, but of course they don’t want to break the concentration while they are in swinging motion. As soon as the ball is released they are all over it again though " come on carry, etc".

This is the “cool thing” exception to tennis rules that only applies in collegiate, amateur, no-prize-money tennis.

Oh, wait, nope… never during actual play, even then.



Houstonian here. What’s the consensus on trash can banging? Asking for a friend…