Rules Question: Trapping up for a tech while your flippers are being attacked in Dialed In


What about no hold flippers in WoZ? Are you forced to drain out of multiball since no trap is possible?


With it being impossible to trap up, you gotta dump them. The only options here are letting someone play the 1 ball multiball out indefinitely, or draining them out…our rules always default to “F*ck the player”.

In this case I would hand out Keefer’s email address to the player and have them send him a thank you note :slight_smile:


This seems like a good time to remind TDs that you don’t have to use the PAPA/IFPA ruleset for your events. If you don’t agree with “F the player” as a fundamental policy, just announce a different rule for your event. You even still earn WPPRs.


This seems like a good time to remind TDs that every ruling “F’s” someone. In the WOZ situation allowing the player to play on really screws the other three players in the group :wink:

But definitely agree with Joe, tailor your rules to whatever you feel works best as TD. Just make sure those rules are written clearly beforehand. “Stuck ball during no hold flippers on WOZ = automatic win!” That rule also works just fine :slight_smile:


Does WOZ have coindoor ballsave? Enable that, then you can pop the door to solve a stuck ball issue during that no-hold mode (assuming not a location game)

Another house-rule option since WOZ is such a stackable game… if player has other multiballs stacked with no-hold, allow them to play with the stuck ball until there are just 2 balls remaining in play, then they have to dump. They don’t lose the whole shebang and the benefit of the stuck ball is somewhat nullified by losing the MB when 2 are still in play.


I vaguely remember KME trying to free a stuck ball with the other before calling for someone during pinburgh finals. Am I remembering wrong?


You can see me yelling at him after he did that. Fortunately I wasn’t DQ’d for interference :slight_smile:


The good news about WOZ no hold flippers MB, is that it’s rare for someone to have that MB last for 20 seconds to notice there’s a stuck ball, let alone exploit it. :slight_smile: