"Produced" Pinball

I think ideas to generate demand to watch pinball is the critical issue. One thing that occurred to me last year, I really loved watching the state finals (NACS) across the USA last year and then the finals - investing in some global co-ordination of the streaming of each of the states and then getting folks state colours to wear at the finals, hoodies shirts caps, could really build more of a state following. Sure you know nothing about pinball or the players but you want your state to win, or you want your local player to win.

Really digging this idea. Adds a whole other layer of drama, racing against a clock which a player can easily see counting down, vs. knowing whether you’re ahead or behind your opponent’s current game state, which is impossible to keep up with while playing.

It also introduces the fun angle of choosing position. Do you want to go first and set the pace without pressure, or would you rather know what you’re up against and test your nerves vs. the clock? Baseball and poker both tell us it’s always better to act last, but for heads-up pinball, who knows?

Eliminates the spectator problem of trying to watch two simultaneous speed runs, and adds the awesome live element (when that’s a thing again) of a crowd counting down, TEN, NINE, EIGHT… can you handle the pressure?

I love everything about that.


Trash talking is a skill. One of my best ones too. Being able to put stress on others is a part of competing in person! Bring the drama to pinball!

I don’t disagree with you… Just saying the crap thats already being shown versus bringing something new to the masses even if it just a championships. Personally if it’s not done right, I get dizzy watching. The quality of the live stream placements has been the key to keeping that from happening to me.

Definitely room for both and no need to keep results secret. I think anyone who is hardcore enough to find out who won before the “produced” show comes out would probably be unhappy about not being able to watch it live. Personally, my level of hardcore-ness is such that the only event I livestream is nationals, because I want to see how people from my area are doing. But man, if there were something like one-hour “produced” versions of highlights from other big tournaments, I would be all over that.

I liked the TMNT show, but I don’t think that format is anything that’s going to draw in new fans, it’s just not engaging enough. Something like a flipper skills challenge would be a lot better IMO- like how many tap passes or alley passes can players complete in 30 seconds, how fast can players trap up all the balls in a five-ball multiball, etc. I went to a local promotional event for Adam Ruben’s pinball book that also included a demonstration by a highly ranked player from the area. The audience was literally gasping out loud at the fact that he could post pass back and forth at will. That’s the audience we need to appeal to- not people who are looking for more e-sports type content or whatever, but people who have an affection for pinball and are blown away when you can show them there’s so much more to it than they ever realized.