PinFest Tournament 2019 - A Stern Pro Circuit Event


I would rather not use a machine in a tournament if the only way it could be played is to put a powerball/glow balls in it. Either fix the issues with the flippers with rebuild kits or move along and pick another machine.


I agree with that general sentiment but if you check Dave’s reasoning in the linked thread I think it makes sense in those limited circumstances.


It’s tough to take that post seriously since it opens saying people were enjoying playing SF


I actually liked the Powerball in Eight Ball!

As for speeding up the Gauntlet/Classics tournament, how about people play every game in the bank once in no particular order? This would alleviate at least some of the bottlenecking.


Papa broke that ideal all the time… in good spirit… but “discovering how a game plays” is part of competition.


But you played each game completely before moving to the next correct? Someone tried to explain to me the format and it made no sense at all… where people were swapping games between balls.


Finals (and semi finals) were on four machines simultaneously. Player A was player 1 on machine 1, player 2 on machine 2, etc. Player B was player 2 on machine 1, player 3 on machine 2, etc. First player on each machine stepped up and played their first ball on their first machine. When all were done with ball 1 on their first machine, they moved to ball 1 on to their second machine, etc.

Coincidentally, this simultaneous play idea came up in this thread Best Event Format for Maximum TGP % with 2-3H Event as a way to maximize tgp in minimal time.


A great way to get games done for a round fast. I like it.


The 100k was not adjustable on Doodle Bug without rewiring. This was my only option to disable extra balls without altering my game. Normally in the manual, it scores 10k on the special in Novelty mode which seems more appropriate. I have an extra score reel and some other weird things in my game since it was a variant.

I learned a lot about what was expected for tournament game setup for EMs from this and looking forward to bringing back some other weird games in future.


I’m in the “no powerball swap” camp. Last year at PinBaltimore there was an Eight Ball with a powerball in it (same game? I dunno) and to me it just played all wrong. The bounces weren’t right, the ball checked up weirdly once it got spin on it, none of the shots felt like they were in the right spot, etc.

For me, a lot of high level competition is about expectation. You expect a bounce to go a certain way, you expect a nudge of a certain strength will move a ball where you want it to go, you expect that flipping with the ball at a certain point on the flipper will make it go where you want it to go. It’s sort of like chess - you can calculate a few moves ahead because you have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen. A powerball in game not designed to have one screws with that, similar to a game with wonky flippers that don’t dead bounce or one that is off-level. This results in frustration, especially if you know the game and know how it should play.

I’m all for novelty fun at home, but I say keep it there.


I think the setup was a neat take on a game that tends to be very risk-averse in strategy. Probably best to document the special change up front, but it really incentivizes hitting the lower targets!


What adjustments were made to doodle bug? Curious as I use Dipsy Doodle quite often in tournaments.

Mines on 5 ball, EBs disabled.


A sign was added to the machine but I am not sure when. I went back and forth with some folks on updating the instruction card but decided against it given that many times when you step up to an EM minimal info is provided. Live and learn, right?


With EB off you have the switch in novelty mode so your special should score 10k yeah? This was set on 5 ball and noted that on the score card but the website had 3 ball. Some players stopped by to ask me about it and I asked them to let the TD know since I didn’t know if it was changed after we tested it the night before.

Mine scores 100k out of the box and is wired originally to where it was. In addition instead of the over the top light, my backglass and backbox have a million point light and six score reels including the dummy instead of five total.

Aside from throwing it into novelty mode, no other alterations were made.

Zac and I had a good discussion on the fb EM group about changing some wiring to keep the pop bumpers lit when you go through the gate that would give extra incentive for scoring the pops and gate. Not there yet. I had a thousand reel break before A division finals that I need to repair before I give more thought to making additional changes.


Thanks for the info. I think this may be another difference between DD and DB. Extra ball is skill based on DB, on DD it’s random when it’s lit. That’s why I disable it. Put a piece of cardboard in the relay to block the switch and pulled the bulbs under the EB inserts.

Very interesting idea to keep pops lit after getting a gate to the shooter lane. I would love that as well.

Also if you haven’t rebuilt the pops, highly recommended as it makes the game way better.

Back to the topic at hand.


We are using Team One in an upcoming tourney with a power ball. Granted, this is matchplay and not pump-n-dump. It plays well like that and I figure if it was good enough for TPF, it’s good enough for Pelham, Alabama!


Another example on that. On Bank Shot with a normal ball, the kickout holes feed nicely to the flippers, and are live catchable or dead bouncable. You can get in a nice rhythm of alternating holes. With the powerball the kickouts were randomly going into the pops or down the side lanes


I would not use a Power Ball in Team One. While it plays a bit slower than most EM’s (at least the one at TPF), it doesn’t need a Power Ball – you’re supposed to be able to try to sniper the correct lit drop target, and not just flail away at an out-of-control power ball.

On Team One, however, do change the wiring on the tilt relay to have Tilt end game, instead of just tilt ends ball. Tilt ends ball is the default wiring, and there didn’t seem to be an option (Jones plug) to change it to tilt ends game. And then set the Tilt tight, but not too tight.


Does it not have an option to penalize you two balls for a tilt? That always seemed like a good middle ground on games without bonus.


Is that part of the circuitry? I thought it was basically a self tilt through when that occurs