Pincinnati: The Greater Cincinnati Pinball Show IV 12/2/20202-12/4/2022

Friday’s tournament is in the books!!

@Shep took the top prize and badass trophy

Derek Fugate close behind in second

Darrin Martin took third

@metallik came in 4th.

Well done everyone!


Great show! Thanks to all who helped out. The show went smoother than I could have dreamed. Loved the tourney game lineup. Fell in love with robo war. Finally got to play R&B in a tourney. Won all 3 games I played on it. Everyone was super friendly. The hotel was great. I can’t wait for Pincinnati 2019. Hopefully we will stream the tourneys next year.

Is there a VOD available to watch? Looks like a great set of games, a number of which aren’t streamed very often

Yay i can post again! Haha. I was trying to update this thread all weekend but the site rules for posting back to back were being violated.

Links to both streams we did. We had Beatles too, but I guess we recorded too much audio from the game and YT won’t let us post it for copyright reasons. Stupid.

Thanks for the links, but I meant tournament footage. Awesome you were able to get all the newest machines there though

Sorry. this year I could not ensure quality tournament streaming, so I passed on it. Next year for sure. We will stream the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Women’s tournaments.

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WPPRs have posted for Friday and Saturday. Sunday I’m still trying to figure out the bottom 11 finishers and where they stand.

Also surprised that the strikes tournament didn’t get 100% TGP. I’m looking into it.

It looks like only your first 8 rounds had 4 player groups, so those get 2x value. 3 player groups (rounds 9-11) get 1.5x and 2 player groups (round 12) are just counted as single game.

If @Shep really wanted to he could have taken a few losses toward the end to bump up the TGP, but I don’t think he understands how the system works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re right. Forgot it worked this way. Thanks John.

If anyone wants a shirt, post here with how many, sizes, and name. This is the back. Front has Pincinnati logo on the left breast.

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2019 dates confirmed!!


Same location!

More vendors!

Separate tournament area!

More to come!

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Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Show and tournament tickets will be available. Tournaments limited to 64 per event. Get them while you can! Show passes are cheaper in advance too.



20 of the 64 tournament tickets for Friday and Saturday tournaments are gone. Get them before they sell out!

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There’s about 20 tickets left for the Friday and Saturday tournaments.

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Saturday tournament sold out!!! Get the last few Friday tournament tickets while you still can!

Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed a Friday ticket and got on the waitlist for Saturday.

Sweet! Happy to have ya John.

Both Friday and Saturday tournaments are sold out.

Please do not hesitate to get on the waitlists via Eventbrite. The lists moved quite a bit last year.

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100 days and counting till Pincinnati 2019!! Get your tickets online in advance and save! Remember that tickets will be more expensive at the door and admittance is only guaranteed if you prepay. Don’t delay!

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Show shirts designs have been completed!

This year we will be offering two show shirts. Both from local artists. They will be available at the show. The first design will also be available in very limited quantities in a dress as well.