- INDISC 2023 Fantasy Pinball & Live Win Probability

Doubt anyone is picking me ($50?! Gotta be better value out there) but just wanted to let folks know I won’t make it so adjust rosters accordingly.

Thanks Richie. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I’ll let people know, they can adjust their rosters from emails.


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$249.59 here, feeling great about my squad. :muscle:

I pieced together a group, but it was $250.01. Back to the drawing board.

$245.55 here. I didn’t go with any of the top dogs. I probably should have…

Player list is updated again on site a few changes hopefully doesn’t mess up your bracket :grinning:

Thanks. I’ll take a look but if anyone is over $25 I’ll have to figure out a rule

Ok it’s updated

anyway to see teams submitted? you know in case one forgot what players he picked :smiley:

As I discovered, you can click the link in the email you recieved to see your current picks and make changes if necessary.

good to know, i just can’t find that email -_-

If you message me I can tell you. I don’t show the teams until the event starts b/c there is a disadvantage for players who submit sooner

Hit 30 teams so far

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$249.39 for me!

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Will be interesting to see if there’s a performance trend towards group picks closest to $250. I’m at $249.72.

Tiebreaker, if needed should be cheapest set, i.e. $248 beats $249.

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I sent out a few emails to people who were over budget.

$249.78 :partying_face:

Still not the highest!