Pinball Map Open Thread


No Torpedo Alley :frowning:



If you’re using the iOS app you may have to change to a different region and then back to SD for it to show up. It’s a bug with the app that’s being fixed.

Also, if a machine isn’t in the database, you can just type it in and add it to the location. I get notified when new machines are added to the database, and then I add the year/manufacturer info.


I can say I’ve seen a few cases where comments about the conditions from machines seem to disappear. I’ve seen many cases of a machine being removed from a location only for it to return within the day, but I can’t tell if that’s an operator covering their tracks or the machine was removed for a few hours for maintenance.

Ah, so that’s the fishy business that they do. It makes me a bit sad that they’re that cutthroat about it all. I would think that having more pinball to go around would help them too, like how food trucks like to congregate together because it increases their visibility.

Do you know anything about this one Chuck E. Cheese’s out in Palm Desert that had like 60 edits done to it? Someone added all sorts of random machines, including rare stuff like Big Bang Bar and America’s Most Haunted, but when I went to actually check, they just had Pirates of the Caribbean and nothing else. Was that just someone messing around?


Someone recently did that to Ground Kontrol too. Super weird.


I’m on alert for this (at least for LA and Portland), and I rarely, if ever see it. I’m curious if you have any examples, or if you’re perhaps exaggerating.

This occurred last summer, and I don’t know much about it except that yes, someone was messing around. They persistently did it to a few locations in the OC area. Their behavior was to add a bunch of machines in alphabetical order. They would also occasionally leave really strange comments (usually the day before). Like, subhuman ones - making it seem like a bot (here’s an example: “exchange the circumstances of the flawlessly situation of lord of the rings pinball and this championn pub pinball and get diagnostic
routine working”). They were often accessing the site from CSU Long Beach, and I really don’t think they were a bot. That is too human for a bot. Perhaps english isn’t their first language, and they’re a total dickweed. In each case, we removed the wrong machines within a couple hours. Sorry that you went out to Palm Desert for that. I’m pretty sure we almost immediately removed the machines when that happened, but I may be wrong. I haven’t seen that mutant on the site since last summer. At any rate, this will be resolved soon.


Ah, so THAT is what happened. Thanks for the explanation. I’ve seen that kind of spam in many other places, and I can’t understand why it happens. (And I’m always looking around for more locations with pinball, so no worries. There are actually five more locations I’ve detected around L.A. county that I suspect might have some, though I can’t seek them out right now.)

I check Pinball Map too often to remember how long each example was down, but I do remember the Lord of the Rings that used to be at AMF Valley View Lanes kept getting put back up according to the list on Twitter. I think I’ve also seen at least three instances of someone putting up the Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure at DIsneyland, but according to someone I know who visits Disneyland often and reports back on what she sees, that machine’s condition is unstable, and they DO frequently remove it for maintenance, putting it back when they fix it. (I’d guess that’s a combination of it being in a place as busy as Disneyland, it being outdoors albeit with a roof overhead, and it getting maintenance from people who normally fix the rides rather than a specialist.)


I think you’re right that the IJ at Disneyland is frequently pulled for maintenance (sometimes people leave a comment on it saying, “currently out for maintenance,” rather than removing it from the map). I also think that sometimes people simply can’t find it, and so they think it’s gone. It’s not in the arcade, after all - but rather, it’s in Adventureland. So, people check the arcade, don’t see it, and then remove it.

Regarding spam, I personally only notice it in LA and Portland because those are the maps that I administer. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the 71 other maps (that’s why we have other admins!). I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other instances of spam on other maps. But, overall, it’s super rare compared with legit updates.

User system status: it’s all set for the website (though not deployed yet), and we’re working on the android app right now.


The arcade is closed right now though, if my knowledge of Disneyland is up to date. And yeah, last I checked, the machine is in one of the merchandise shops in Adventureland and not really in a dedicated location. (Directly across from the Indiana Jones ride, if my memory serves me right.)

I wanted to put a note of that for the general location description, but I can’t find it anymore. Has it been removed? I noticed hardly anyone ever uses it, but I occasionally wrote something in there if there was something necessary to know about the place (such as the machines at Jillian’s in Universal Studios Citywalk being at a corner far away from any of the arcade machines or that the machines at the Ice Palaces are set to 5 balls each).

By the way, I’m a bit annoyed, but glad at the same time, that someone else beat me to one of those five locations and discovered two machines at Bowlero Los Angeles. Oh well. I got four more locations on my list.


I haven’t been to Disneyland in a couple of years, but the arcade was closed back then. That’s exactly why people think that the machines are gone and they remove them from the map.

In the past, people have left comments on the machine saying where it’s located. But that disappears when the machine is removed. Also, I think meant Frontierland! Not Adventureland. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can still add location descriptions. On the website, click on the text bubble icon that’s to the right of the address. I’m experimenting with icons in a few places, in place of text. The site has a lot of text.


Ah, thank you. And I am 100% certain the Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is located in Adventureland, as that’s the section the Indiana Jones ride is in and where that gift shop with the bamboo walls and such is located. Adventureland has a jungle motif, whereas Frontierland has a western motif. I won’t add it in until I actually visit Disneyland again myself and can confirm it, however, but I will say that this machine is not in the Tomorrowland Starcade.

P.S. Is it possible to ignore “A,” “An,” and “The” on alphabetical lists of locations? I noticed it’s already done with the list of machines.


+1 to this! It is very confusing to have to look for, say, The Standard in the T’s rather than the S’s.


Ok, true that. I had a glitch and for a moment thought that “Adventureland” wasn’t a real section in Disneyland. I thought I mistook it for Frontierland.

Yes. Though there is only one location on any of the maps that starts with “A” and zero that start with “An.” So, we wouldn’t apply the filter to those two.


Done. Sort order of location list ignores “The”.


Okay, this is a question I’m just putting out in general, but regarding AYCE Gogi on the Los Angeles map: I visited that place on Sunday. (Very nice and miles above the last Korean BBQ place I visited in taste, quality, and service.) I found Street Fighter II in the antechamber at the front and Kiss, Whitewater, Medieval Madness, Rollergames, and Raven in the bar in the back, but I could not find where the other ones listed are. (That list of missing machines currently consists of Dr. Dude, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, Guns 'N Roses, and Ameica’s Most Haunted.

Does anyone know where they found them? Is there a third place where they’re put, or does the collection in the bar frequently rotate? It looks like Whitewater has been replaced with Iron Man, so someone has recently visited and checked for these machines.


Dunno. I haven’t visited there yet. You could call them!


We did ask them. The person who answered only knew about those six. That’s why it’s so confusing to me.


Yeah, that’s confusing, especially considering that they just added (to the map) some of those ones that you can’t find.

If they’re not there, they should be removed.

I read this article the other day about Waze, and how residents in quiet neighborhoods who don’t like Waze users zipping down their streets will put up notices of crashes and obstructions. They do so because they hope that the false information will result in Waze directing people elsewhere. And Waze responds to this kind of behavior by saying, “It’s not a big deal, because within ten minutes ten more people will go by the spot and mark down that there’s not crash or obstruction, and the notice will disappear.” It’s self-correcting. And that’s obviously how the map works. If you went there, and you didn’t see them, and no one can tell you where they are, then it’s reasonable to remove them.


All right. It seemed kind of weird when someone else replaced the Whitewater with an Iron Man. I’ll remove those machines I didn’t see. If those machines get put up again though, I’ll go and visit the place again soon afterwards. (The only place I didn’t look at was the kitchen.)

I do hope those machines are actually there though, not only because having an America’s Most Haunted out in public is a rare sight to see, but because otherwise, it sounds like someone artificially bringing in people through lies.

EDIT: Looks like someone else already removed them. That was fast. Someone left a comment in the general description, but there’s no more space. It started with, “When I went.” I apologize for hogging it all with comments about where each of the machines are located.


Oh wow, I figured it was you who removed them. It’s great that the map has enough users to self-correct. But it sucks that people have to face disappointment in order to find the truth. And it is indeed troubling that machines that aren’t there got added.

If the machines are in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be added, anyway. We only want publicly-playable machines.

User system is getting clooooose. We’re testing it on the android app right now. Next is iOS, then it’s done.


Awesome stuff guys. Is it possible to support international cities? Have suggested adding Sydney :smiley: