Pinball manufacturers: Please add easy HDMI output for streamers!


Yesterday I tried plugging into the HDMI port on the CPU board in an Aerosmith Pro. This port controls the mini-screen on Batman 66 and SW but is unused on AS.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to output anything. Maybe it would only need a software tweak to mirror the main display?


It’s not as simple as that if it’s a separate video processor… which I thought was the point of spike2… it added the other video card.


Any progress on lvds to dvi? I have dvi to HDMI converters… Curious if anyone has tried lately. Maybe I should try…


I know @DEADFLIP cooked up some sort of converter for his GOTG launch stream!


Would be interesting to know how he did it outside of sheer blackmagic!


I’d be a liar if I said it was easy. Hold tight, I’m working to make it a LOT easier for folks.


bump… got a tournament coming up that might need this. I have some ideas on solutions, and a pile of LVDS/TTL crap in a box somewhere in my house. Can someone pop a photo of the connector on the LCD? Not on the Spike 2 board itself, but on the LCD.



Photos of both please


No connector photos as I don’t have a game myself, but possibly useful is that I scribbled down “Innolux G156BGE-L01” in that thoughts file. Fairly sure that’s the reference part, if you wanted to check out the datasheet.

edit went ahead and pulled this from the sheet:

another edit:
After a little googling, I think the “,P2” in that connector part number actually refers to the part manufacturer “P-TWO”. Here’s the panelook page listing (among other things) matched/compatible parts.


Something like the following should work. Need to add power.

LVDS Splitter ( > LVDS to DVI converter (


Just received that LVDS splitter, and have different LVDS->DVI and LVDS->HDMI boards on the way. Will post my results if it works out!