Pinball League Q&A

the new rule since this year is at least 50% of the total sessions instead of the counting ones. So every player with only 3 appearances has to be deleted with 7 sessions and one dropping.


Hi, and congrats on starting the league. Other than changing the scoring that’s been mentioned above, I think you have a very workable outline. One thing I would offer for your consideration is to change it from 5 one game rounds to 1 five game round per night. Our league uses that, and it really is a very different experience than say a tournament where the groups shuffle play - because for those 5 games, everyone gets a chance to chat, get to know each other, learn more about whatever games you are playing, buy each other drinks, etc. It becomes as much a community building event as it is a competition - and for us, that is what we really wanted. We have all met and gained new friends in the league - and it’s helped the pinball community here in Houston to grow and become more family like.
You can set up matchplay to keep the chances of playing with the same players low by selecting balanced pairing over the season, so that your new guy doesn’t get stuck with the top girl in the league every week - but even getting stuck with the top player isn’t necessarily a negative with this format - it can be an opportunity to learn.
Please feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions - happy to help if I can, and good luck with the league!


Strong agree on not changing groups, not only does it let people get to know each other better but it makes the night quicker since they can move to their next machine as soon as their game is over.

Regarding getting to know each other, I’m also in favor of balanced grouping for each week (favors players who haven’t played each other before), which also ends up acting closer to a round robin format, and gives the opportunity for less experienced players to watch and learn from the better players


We do balanced as well and I’ve never had an issue with standings at the end of the year. A players seem to always be in A and B players in B.


This sounds like an excellent change. Thanks for the idea!