Might be necessary for certain types of games like Guardians or other games that hold your bonus every ball. The one ball game would also reduce a lot of the math involved. Would also solve the issue of draining on purpose at the right time once you get your home then. Interesting idea… @pinwizj three one ball games is worth the same TGP as a three ball game right?

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Yup :+1:

In case you happen to be near Everett, Washington this weekend… I’m hosting the very first ever Pin-baseball World Series! Check out the Facebook event here:

100% TGP, 7 innings of qualifying and then top 16 finals with 3 innings per round. Should be a lot of fun. There MAY seven be some streaming action in the finals! If so, it’ll be on

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Perfect! The day after SPL.

How did your event go?

The tournament ran well other than
1.) we did too many innings due to not understanding TGP correctly and

2.) we didn’t optimize the finals games until the end (it’s faster to have people playing single or two player games on different machines at the same time then everyone to wait on one machine)

3.) a couple games played too easy / weren’t drainy enough and people went to 9 batters reliably

Other than that I’ve heard nothing but good praise than those who attended, and will be running another one in a couple months!

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