PHILA Pinball - Multi-Location League


1 Month of qualifying left! Join the PHILA Pinbal Group on facebook and join the selfie league here:

And here are the details on the finals:

32 players - top 16 get 1 bye, top 8 get 2 byes, as long as we fill our 32 player bracket. 4 games per round, 4 player games.

Anyone not taking part in the main tournament are welcome to take part in a side tournament happening after the first two rounds have concluded (anyone already eliminated from the main tournament will also be welcome to play)

Feel free to invite other players to come, as we will be filling the main bracket if any players are unable to attend .


Based on several conversations recently, I wanted to address a few questions for the group.

  1. If we do not at least 32 players complete games for the selfie league, we will limit the playoffs to the top 24 rather than 32.
    We would then eliminate 1 round of playoffs, but top 8 would still earn a 1 round bye.

  2. Offering a women’s tournament at the same time as the selfie finals is unfair to the women who would be interested/eligible for both,

so we will do a co-ed side tournament on the day of the selfie playoffs. It will be a fair strikes tournament (6 strikes, last place in a group gets 2 strikes, middle positions get 1 strike, winner on each game gets no strikes).

  1. Players can submit scores until June 16th, so please let your friends know about selfie league! We want to have as many players involved so we can spread the pinball hobby out to the masses :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep those scores coming and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions .


Another successful season in the books! we had 26 players in the main tournament, and 10 players in the side tournament. It was a smaller sized event overall, but enjoyable to be sure. Congrats to all the players and thanks for taking part. Next season will be scheduled soon.