OPDB: Open Pinball Database


I started to add theme keywords such as “music” to some of the games. Is that an appropriate use of the keywords section? It’d be cool if there was a way to search based on keyword.


Incredible update @haugstrup! Eagerly awaiting player ratings by machine era now :wink:


Pretty cool to see it powered by Laravel too! PHP for life!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


@mwelsh I tacked the keywords on very quickly so they still need some work. I’ll definitely make them searchable at some point soon. Feel free to use keywords for whatever you want (even personal ones). That’s the only way to figure out what they’re useful for!

@spraynard That will be… some expensive database queries. But you have the right idea!

@arenowebdev It’s a wonderful framework (Match Play Events and PinTips also use Laravel under the hood). :slight_smile:


@mwelsh still no keywords search, but I added a top-level menu item to see all keywords: https://opdb.org/tags


Would be nice to add a wiki styled game statistic list that goes further than IPDB and Pinside does. I am talking about game development team credits, listing game code updates, etc.Since IPDB isn’t wiki, I can’t fix errors that I see, while I can at Pinside.

I look forward to seeing where this goes!


I posed the question in another thread, but realized this is probably the better place for it:

Would it be feasible to add a field for a vector graphic that could contain a wire-frame diagram of each playfield with key shots like can be found in the Theatre of Magic Manual?

Of course someone then needs to generate these diagrams, but…



Since OPDB data is sent out of other software automatically the game data won’t be wikified. The risk of mischief is too large. But! If you create a user account you can send in a report whenever you see faulty data and one of the moderators will fix things up.

If you send in a lot of reports we’ll just make you a moderator so you can fix data yourself. It just won’t be open to the public to make changes directly.

As for adding more data: I’m open to adding more game data like code updates, team credits etc. but someone has to be responsible to adding and maintaining all that data.

It would certainly be feasible, but I’d want to see diagrams made before spending time implementing such a feature. :slight_smile:


this is amazing! can’t wait to use this for iScored!

now where did i put that spare time i thought i had…