Never Drains Classics Circuit


What would be your deciding factors to add an event to the circuit? Not sure what is considered a success.


How does one track their points for this circuit? Keep in mind I also am unaware how they do it for the regular circuit.


I’ve got some personal stuff to deal with and SCS Saturday, but I’m working on the rules, etc. when I can. I’ll post the points some time next week. The regular circuit uses standard WPPRs and Brian built the tracking of that as one of the “custom” rankings on the IFPA site.

I have a draft of the plan now floating around for feedback. I’ll likely post the final one both here and ask Josh to put it on the IFPA home page.


Wondering if results from this weekend will encourage the release of a standings page, eh @BMU?


I anticipate Bob to chime in here eventually…but we’ve decided to postpone the introduction of the classics circuit. We’re still planning to expand INDISC out to 4 days and have a different type of classics event for Thursday as opposed to the format run on Friday/Saturday. Still working out full details, stay tuned.


Dang, I’ve been feelin’ the classics this year. :slight_smile:

Oooooo, fun!


Sorry, I’ve been trying to post something for 2 days, but the site had me locked in a defective edit screen no matter what I did - log out, reboot, post, cancel, etc. Weird and frustrating. If you read this, Greg, see if you can figure out what could do that.

Re the Classics Circuit, there were some issues re funding the prize pool that are best dealt with before the first event that will count, plus given the change in the SPC finals format, we’re revisiting the format for the Classics Circuit as well. I’m sure there will be some discussions going on in Las Vegas this weekend about it all.

Meanwhile, I will lay out a classics standings sheet at some point soon with a leaderboard, and that assumes a given set of “likely” events end up being on the circuit. It can serve as both a prototype and a tracker of how well people do in 2019; maybe we can still have some kind of award or competition, just not the full Classics Circuit Final yet


I think this would be cool… a nice acknowledgement for the player/players who performed the best throughout the year in the selected events.