Multiball Cradling and Other Skills Overused by Amateurs?

Apparently, what many people consider “flailing” is just how I play. Once upon a time I overheard somebody call me “the best batting-cage player in Denver”.
What I’m getting at, is that I’m not great at “aiming” for shots, but I can nail them on the fly all day.
It’s all in you, whether to cradle or not, OP.



So one thing that still always gets me is what to do when the flippers aren’t super responsive to the kind of quick flicks you need to properly separate things out. When things are really nicely responsive, I feel reasonably comfortable with my ability to pass, but on games where there’s a very noticeable dead spot before you get any sort of drop out of the flippers, I always tend to do it way too hard and just throw things out the outlanes :disappointed_relieved:

No fair using superbands. d;^)

Assuming the game is set to free play, BSD is an excellent game to practice cradling and other flipper skills. The lightning bats and the sling post placement makes even getting a single ball under control difficult. On the plus side, the fliptronics flippers are wicked fast and very predictable. Once you find the sweet spot, it doesn’t change. After way too much practice, I’m now able to post pass mostly successfully. When I was finally able to get it down, it felt like a significant accomplishment. I’ve learned a lot of other flipper skills along the way, but being able to post pass on BSD (with lightning bats) is big to me.

To be fair, there was a lot of humiliation along the way. You wouldn’t want to try to learn flipper skills on a location BSD, even at 50 cents a play. It will cost you too much. I learned by practicing at home. I use natural blue flipper rubbers (harder than red, softer than black), the game is at 7 degrees and the flipper coils are 11629’s (not factory).