Mobile Camera Rig: Plans and Materials


@kdeangelo do you have a BOM for what you ordered please? don’t want to experiment too much with shipping to the UK :slight_smile:



Ok, put my BOM together since there’s a sale. My BOM.


360 + 50 shipping? stiff! and there is no caster on that BOM right? that and all the material that’s a pretty expensive Guillotine!


I haven’t been able to make the numbers work with another portable rig.

I’ve either researched a solution that barely saves you any money and isn’t as convenient, or it much more expensive.


After drooling over Karl’s portable rig at FPF I decided to make my own.
I wanted to try and make one that was inexpensive and very portable as I New I would need to get through doorways and had to do it relatively quick. I also wanted to be able to get between games that were next to each other head to head and could go from standard to widebody fast (old Bally’s). I also wanted to have the cameras in place like Karl’s so I didn’t have to do too much adjusting on the fly with the exception of changing scoring from a DMD type game to a 4 player early SS.

I took 2 mic stands and basically made this.

Obviously the picture of paragon I have the bar low and not what someone would stream at. Just wanted to show that the height is adjustable because I used the mic stands.

I did a test video so you can see it in action.

The quality of the test video was garbage as I was testing the limits of my wireless HDMI through walls and I had my computer and mic 2 rooms over. The video shows me moving it from paragon to Dialed In. I was really testing it out as I made the rig that morning and was streaming a tournament the next day.
It’s not pretty but it works good and was pretty inexpensive.

The stream went well and the portable rig worked great.

A couple of times I forgot to go back to my computer and put the camera moving scene on. You can actually watch me moving the rig from game to game. lol


Thanks Karl!


annoyingly they look like they ship internationally but when you check out and put the address in it defaults to collect at depot :frowning: :angry:

They have a local disty but knowing british effort/service levels I’m not holding out too hopeful!


Getting my order together. I want to make sure I get wheels that will be compatible with this rig. Will these work? Do I need any more hardware than what is in the BOM posted in the first post?


I use these wheels now: 4 Inch Total Lock Caster - Polyurethane Wheel - 3/8"-16 x 1-1/2" Threaded Stem Set of 4

They will work with the plates in the BOM.


My new rig! :grin:


Big tournament tomorrow.


Good luck! Mobile rigs for the win!!


Hey @kdeangelo, just circling back on your third camera HDMI transmitter. So if I get one of these Nyrus Orions, then I have 2 of the mono price ones, it should be plug and play? Just use the Nyrus for the DMD/score display?

I am using 3 sony cams, and 3 Elgato Cam links for my rig.

Final question. Should I have one power pack

For each cam/hdmi transmitter? Then I plan to have 3 spares charged up as backups if needed as they take forever to charge up.



You should pose this ? to @spraynard as well. I don’t think he had to recharge his rig during TPF and it was streaming at least most of Saturday and a few hours Sunday, maybe some on Friday too.


These 27200 mAh batteries from monoprice will run a sony camcorder and a monoprice transmitter for over 12 hours:

I’m absolutely floored by how long these things last (as you note though, they take over a day to charge). they are cheap enough that you can get some backups, but i’ve rarely had to use the backups.


Much better price than the one I have too. Thanks!


Specs say “Input Power 5 VDC, 2000mA”, which should take it from empty to full in 13h 36m with the factory(?) charger.
A charger like this Anker or this Ravpower puts out max 2400 amps per port and MAY charge 20% faster if your device will accept the higher current but good luck figuring that out. Probably have to test on your own. Check the output on the factory charger, it may be rated for higher output than the listed specs on the website anyway.
@spraynard I do have an older model of the Ravpower unit with a claimed 2400 mA output, you’re welcome to do some testing next time we’re together. I usually have this Antigravity battery with me in case someone needs a jump start so if you do run short of power you can use it.


You also need something to strip the HDCP from the Nyrus. I use a cheap monoprice HDMI splitter.

The battery packs I have lasted for the entire Nationals/Women’s stream. I’ve tested them at just over 15 hours!


So are you saying I just add an hdmi splitter to one end of Nyrus? Then just use one side of the splitter? Do I put it at the transmitter or the receiver?


The receiver. This is the one I use: