Metallica wiki rulesheet


From what I understand the opto will give you credit for 1 and the target gives credit for 2 chair hits. I never noticed a time where I didn’t get an insert lit properly from just hitting the opto, and it seems unlikely that’s actual rule attached to it.


I’ve also noticed that hitting Sparky sometimes fails to light the insert on the lit shot. Never got scientific about it, but thought it was either a bug or some rule about hitting the standup vs the opto. I thought I had ruled out the latter, though.


I guess I could be wrong. I was surprised to have “discovered” that you need to hit the target so late into owning the game…though perhaps that’s because it’s not actually true and what I was seeing was a bug?

Things I’m certain of:

  • you get more credit towards sparky MB when you hit the center target vs the optos
  • there have been numerous times where a shot to Sparky did not light the insert (and I, perhaps falsely, attributed this to hitting the opto and not the target)


I think what happens is that both the opto and the center target count as 1 hit. So if you hit the middle, you get credited 2 hits, one from the opto and one from the center (sometimes more depending on how the magnet flings).

You won’t always light a Sparky insert when hitting Sparky, but if you see the animation, you’ve made progress. The first Sparky MB takes 11 hits, then 14, then 17…


Based on what? Can you elaborate?

Assuming the spider arrow is on a column where the chair insert isn’t lit yet, of course.


Double post (@jdelz beat me to it)


Whoops, I misread! I only read the latest post and thought you were talking about the inserts in front of Sparky for just starting Sparky MB. I’ll see if I can repro the bug that was mentioned.


This is from me noodling around in Visual Pinball, so take with a grain of salt. It seems like the center target switch does NOT light an electric chair insert, but the opto does. So if your opto was flaky, you might have trouble lighting the electric chair insert. Both the opto and the center target will award you 1 electric chair CIU item each.


When hitting Sparky and it doesn’t work, it’s most likely the magnet has mushroomed and the ball is getting elevated, thus missing the opto. Happened to mine, I replaced the magnet, spots the target every time now.