Metallica wiki rulesheet


Wow. Yeah. Changes game considerably for the better.

Edit: Well. 9 months or so owning this game and got to TEOTL once. Three games into 1.8 and I just got it again.

It’s a lot easier.


Yes, Lady Justice timer now freezes if you continue to make shots.

Grave Marker MB now only takes 4 shots to start the first time (3 drops and then the standup) as opposed to 5 (3 drops then 2 hits of the standup).


Wonder how many competitive games of Metallica were lost because of that one extra standup hit…



Dont trap the cat when you put the glass back on :wink:


Pfft. You should continue.


Wow. I need to play some more on the new code. Is that with playfield X running to jack up your Collect that high?


Looking over the new EOTL wizard mode rules… if there are 6 SJP’s in EOTL, and each SJP awards you a value equal to one of your CIU modes, then what do you get for SJP #5 and 6 (since there are only 4 CIU modes)?


If there is no high quality video of a good player to watch and try to deduce the answers from, here is low quality cell video from a bad player.


I probably had some playfield multipliers going at various points throughout the multiball, but when I hit the collect shot I was at 1X playfield so that was an unmultiplied cash-in value (the dead end was qualified for 2X but I didn’t have the balls to go for it after I saw that the collect value was over 1B~). I wasn’t really able to pay much attention to the display during TEOTL so unfortunately I only got a rough grasp of the rules, but I updated the wiki based on the patch notes + what I pieced together from playing. I may be wrong about the 6 SJPs; it could be only 4 but I feel like I collected more than that.

@gammagoat’s video does reveal something interesting though; I was wrong about the SJP scoring. I was correct about the first SJP awarding your first CIU value, but it looks like the second SJP actually awards a value equal to CIU#1 PLUS CIU#2 (you can see it tallying up the multiple values in that video). I double checked the patch notes and they also seem to indicate that the SJP value simply keeps accumulating CIU values into it every time you collect it so that explains the astronomical scoring that goes on in that mode. (Nice job on that 4X super in the video!)


Ah, OK. So somewhat similar to the scoring logic Lyman used on TWD Terminus, where your Terminus values are a % of your last played mode, then % of last mode + % of 2nd to last mode. If TEOTL uses the full value of your CIU’s for this cumulative scoring logic, then it’s easy to understand how the scoring gets monstrous. And good on him for that! I think wizard modes should be worth ridiculous points – but only to the extent that you’ve played well on the steps that qualified the wizard mode (to disincentivize timing out every mode that qualifies your wizard mode).


Warning to all league/tourney players where EB’s must be plunged and not played:
I was playing MET on the new code. During ball 1, I had made great progress toward CIU, needing only to finish my Snakes requirement, but I didn’t bother to check how many more were needed. CIU was not lit. I drained and had earned an EB. I plunged my unplayable EB to the top lanes, and it managed to exit the pops and ricochet into the scoop, which was lit for Mystery.

My award? +1 Snake, which qualified my CIU, and immediately took me to the CIU select screen while the ball was still in the scoop. :rage: :sob::crazy_face:
From now on, I’ll be tilting out my EB’s on MET during leagues/tourneys that haven’t disabled EB’s if Mystery is lit.


WOW, That’s some crazy TEOLT scoring now. Almost tips the scoring to far IMHO. Used to be it was nearly worthless and now you can collect over a billion points.

Glad to see this game get even more love.


Although you could probably never pull off that scenario again if you tried. :slight_smile:


Which is why you are a world champion and I never will be. You were so good that day that you lit CIU and started it all with a plunge and no flipper use. I had CIU lit, plunged and bricked the shot 12 times before finally starting it (then failing miserably in the mode).:disappointed_relieved:

Different league of player for sure. One needs no flippers at all and the other has flippers and still can’t do it…


That’s amazing. Reminds me of the time my EB caught a sling and landed in the scoop to start Bash.


Been noticing a potential bug on Metallica when I perform this sequence at the beginning of a game:

  • Start game, short plunge to R flipper
  • Shoot first gravestone target (spider cursor moves to gravestone)
  • Quickly shoot the electric chair

After this, I would expect the chair insert in front of the gravestones to be lit, but sometimes it doesn’t light (in fact there are no chair inserts lit after the chair hit). Only seems to happen if I hit the cross followed by the chair in quick succession. Anyone else ever see this?

Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to determine if 2X playfield (from the piston) is running/qualified during End of the Line? Seems like the EOL jackpot lighting suppresses the normal piston light behavior and man when you’re sitting there with a 2B collect ready on the scoop that’s a piece of information you really want to know~


As for the electric chair, are you sure you are hitting the actual standup target between his feet? Somehow it was years before I realized that you don’t get credit if it only registers the sparky opto.


Yeah, I’ve done this two or three times on my Pro but wasn’t sure of the steps to reproduce. I think it does save your progress for the column if you complete it, it just doesn’t light the inserts until the next ball.


It’s entirely possible I was not hitting the standup; I have been assuming that the electricity sound effect indicates that you made a successful sparky shot. So based on what you’re saying, it sounds like the opto triggers the sound effect but the standup is what actually gives credit for the shot?