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Hmm, then what’s happening here?

Ball is locked shortly after this start point. Then within 2 hits, another ball is locked?

EDIT: Actually shortly after the third ball is locked, too.


I didn’t realize this. I was under the misconception that the Premium would always let you stack lit locks during MB, while the Pro would never allow it.

(I think disallowing lock stacking is far more interesting and adds a lot to the strategy.)


Yes. On the Premium, you can keep collecting more hits towards your subsequent locks during multiball. So after leaving a multiball, you could potentially have all 3 locks lit for coffin. So you’d have to lock all 3 balls still to get Coffin MB.

On the Pro, you can only earn hits up to your next lock. Once you’ve reached that, any hits don’t count toward the next lock.


At TPF we had mine set to carry over so that someone wouldn’t get screwed over if the hammer switch got a bit flaky. But, I don’t believe it lets you progress past the next lock while in MB. Only if you get to where you can lock a ball outside of MB and hit the captive ball and it doesn’t catch the ball does it start to progress towards the next one. I’m not 100% on this but I thought that is what I saw when we tested it.

i think that is what you are seeing in your video MikeCP to where it will allow you to progress past that first ball 1 lock. When not in MB anymore it will then activate to lock the ball and will do the same after you hit the coffin again (unless you turned that setting off as well).


There was a brief-ish period beginning around 2015 when the Pre had different default behavior than it does currently. This was fixed with a later release. This video is from 2016. The machine either has the older code in question or has been set to allow coffin locks during other MBs. Disclaimer: I didn’t actually watch this video.


Reading below, sounds like you might be right. If true, I had no idea.


This is what I think I’m seeing, yeah. Thanks for confirming.

For clarity: This is about advancing hits to light lock, not collecting locks. In Keith’s video, he doesn’t collect locks during MB. He just hammers the shit out of the captive ball to have all his locks lit when he exits a MB. On the pro, this does not work.

I wonder why this setting isn’t available in the pro.


From the release notes for v1.6:

  • Implemented the coffin lock behavior adjustment. There are 3 settings:
      Balls must be locked in the coffin to start coffin multiball.
      Once a lock is lit, the ball must be locked in the coffin before
      the next lock can be lit.
      (This is the behavior that existed in version 1.51.)
      Balls must be locked in the coffin to start coffin multiball.
      Once a lock is lit, additional locks can be lit by hitting the captive
      (This is the default setting.)
      Balls do not need to be locked in the coffin to start coffin
      Once a lock is lit, the magnet is activated to lock the ball in
      the coffin.
      If the captive ball is hit when a lock is lit, the lock is awarded
      and the magnet is deactivated.
      (This is roughly the same behavior as the PRO).


Hmm, I’d say 1. COFFIN, NO STACKING is most like the pro.


There is a setting to collect coffin locks during multiball. I’ve enabled that on my Pro. It really changes the flow of the game.


Does it actually collect locks? Or does it function like #2 above (you can continue lighting subsequent locks, but cannot claim any of the locks until back in single ball play)?


Yours looked and played wonderfully. Thanks for bringing it!


It kinda evens the difficulty between the two.

In Pro, the challenge is collecting the hits needed to lock balls - the locks themselves happen automatically, so this disallows you from hitting the captive ball 25 times during Sparky and immediately getting Coffin afterward.

In Premium, the challenge is actually locking balls… you have to finesse a somewhat slow roller over the magnet, and shooting the snake/captive ball or block area doesn’t always result in a captured ball. So, you’re allowed to stack all the locks during other MBs, but you must still actually make the three locks before anything happens.

Each game plays differently with different strategy and I like that. Pro is about maximizing hit collections during other multiballs; premium is about devoting times to collecting hits vs going for other MB goals, knowing that a Coffin is not necessarily a gimme when you come out of other MB


I also like the strategic decision / trade-off on the Pro of whether to risk a few more captive ball hits (to earn a lock) before starting your next non-Coffin MB, so that you can make progress toward a fresh Coffin lock during your next Sparky/Cross/Snake MB.


Yes. It actually collects locks during multiball. You can actually even backwards stack coffin. So if Sparky is running, you can stack coffin MB into it.


Thoughts on 1.8:

Changed default item requirements for Crank It Up from 15 to 12.

Perhaps a nice compromise to the ‘lower CIU to 10’ tournament setting that’s so common. Does this mean next CIU is 18? Or back to 20 and +5 from there?

Changed fuel lane scoring. Changed fuel lane “blown pistons” so a blown piston is awarded for each light that is lit instead of only awarding one blown piston for any number of lights lit.

Nice to see this fixed. Never made any sense.

Flipper blowoff for mystery locks the last frame so the player can see the award.

No more mystery mystery.

Implemented alternate Crank-It-Up completion sounds. The sound is played when “completing” a Crank-It-Up mode is controlled by a new game-specific adjustment: “CRANK IT UP COMPL. SOUND”. The sound that is played is a new sound that is more appropriate for a Metallica game (less fanfare-y, more metal-y).

Always thought the original was out of place and weird.

Changed the Crank It Up default collect/continue relight from EASY to HARD. This requires the player to re-collect the Cross, Electric Chair, Coffin, and Snake to relight collect/continue during the Crank It Up mode.

I always kind of expected this to be the default. Harder, but I like it.

TEOTL: Removed the timer. The mode will continue running during single ball play.

I only got to TEOTL once and it was after I had gotten to Last Man Standing. The fact that it didn’t continue in single ball play like LMS was SUPREMELY disappointing.

Otherwise, TEOTL looks awesome now, and should be a bit easier to get to. SJPs are your CIU mode totals (compounding!). You can 4x and collect/exit!


It has always been default increase by 2 each time I think.


Here are some new changes I noticed that haven’t been mentioned or clarified on the release notes:

  • CIU starts at 12 but only increases by 1 for each subsequent CIU.
  • Extra ball for blown pistons is now 15 up from 10. But that makes sense since blown pistons are fixed.
  • Extra ball for coffin is now 10 and EBs after that are every 30 hits. It used to be every 100 hits. This makes getting EBs MUCH easier in the game.
  • Right ramp to piston now counts as a combo. The “Combo Jackpot” now is a combo. Who would have thought?

This also allows for getting to TEOTL much easier. I’ve already had games where I’ve gotten 3 and 4 CIUs.


So glad to hear all this. Now it’s not nearly the slog it used to be.

  • One (lady justice) mode was not being restarted when a shot was made
    during the mode. This has been corrected.
  • Added a “reset timer” adjustment for the One (lady justice) mode.

I don’t quite understand what’s actually going on with Lady Justice now, but it’s definitely worthwhile now. This is awesome. Bringing Lady Justice in with a multiball is a great idea.

The way I saw it, the timer on LJ just stopped with every shot. So it just takes awhile to finish. I’m not sure about “mode being restarted” as the rule seems to say.