Merits of custom ROMs vs. original software


IFPA has said that any such rule will reduce the tournament value of each game by a factor of 3.


Quicksilver was set to reset the bonus multiplier each ball (no multiplier carryover)

Agreed on Stars. The 100K is on now. STTNG was also set too hard.

What other settings where a problem? Always looking to improve my tournaments. Who better to help than a NYCPC organizer!!

Greatest city on earth ;^)


Whoa whoa, wait a second… was Levi being hyperbolic??


I don’t like this one… just having it light the spinner? I dunno, I feel like a strategy of collecting the rollovers over and over can mostly be bricked by fiddling a little with the game setup.

The real horror in that list is that you have a Dragonfist and I don’t.


Easy there Giz! I’m not here to litigate your entire (fabulous admitedly) basement.

That was just an extreme example, as I emerged emotionally scarred from the ambush of custom ROMs/settings on my trip nearby the second greatest city on Earth (Albany).

I feel like the Custom ROMs are a lot like plastic surgery. Just a nip here…a tuck there…everything’s great. Until the fever grabs you and suddenly the changes accelerate, until you resemble nothing of what was before, causing people to flee in terror from the mutation that no pure soul whishes to behold!


Yuck. That means if I have a big ball one and you don’t, I can plunge my way to 400k on balls 2 and 3. I’d want the bonus to reset each ball too if this setting was on.


Also the game now is less fun.

It’s the Custom ROM way!


I have the big game and QS roms and both make them better games. The 9 ball rom (2x and 4x scoring) I did not like because it unbalanced everything.


What’s different on the Quicksilver rom? Can’t seem to find any mention of it from searching.


You just had to get that last dig in there. Just like the old RGP days… :smile:


Word “exploit” is mentioned 3 times in this thread. I don’t understand what an exploit is in pinball. What’s the difference between an exploit and a strategy?


If I can do it, it’s a strategy. If it is something my opponents can do that I don’t have the skill to pull off it is an exploit.


Apparently I like horror movies… these all sound great.
EDIT: except eliminating lock stealing on RG – that’s part of the game, and not random. But Sudden Death needs to go, or be an award that is determined by skillful play.


you are dead to me


So there are really no exploits per say. “I skillfully executed the required steps to put me into never-ending multiball on WhoDunnit”.

There are no exploits, only strategy!!


The wisest thing Ron has said all thread!


If you take what I say literally, accurately make shots is an exploit :slight_smile:


I think that’s why @cayle does all the “exploits”. Because he has the skill to pull them off.


Hey, I’ll take a crack at this one: an exploit is a rule that completely overshadows all other rules from a scoring perspective.

Game designers put rules into their games because they think those rules will be fun, and want them to be played. But if one or two of those rules render all the rest of 'em pointless, then you’ve found an exploit.


I also think an exploit, generally, is simple to execute once you get there (relative to other ways of scoring the equivalent number of points) and often involves playing the game in an unusual fashion before reaching it.

Two that come to mind are completing the 9 Ball round in Cue Ball Wizard by leaving the 8 Ball lit before and through Pool Ball Mania, and trapping the ball to wait and collect HAREM letters on TOTAN in an attempt to repeatedly play Harem Multiball.