Match Play Events Open Thread


Yeah maybe 12 strikes. I do like the progressive strikes and want to try it, and 13 rounds sounds good. Just don’t want to expect 24 and have 40 show up to play 12 strikes. I guess I can change things last minute easy enough.


I think if you keep the strike count to 3-4 times the “normal” amount you’ll be fine – as long as you do swiss pairings


I agree. That’s why I suggest that if it’s a three player group, you get 2 for second and 3 for 3rd. Then for final two, 3 strikes for the loser. Is that possible?


not sure if it’s possible but in regular match play you can add/subtract points so I am guessing you can do that for strikes? Since if you have someone arrive late you can usually add them and add on strikes as a penalty I feel like I’ve seen in MP…


Possible as in “in the realm of possibilities”, yes.

Possible as in “can click a button and make this happen”, no

Adding strikes manually like Gene says, is the way to go. Beware that due to dumb choices I’ve made the strikes adjustment maxes out at the strike count. In other words in a 12-strike tournament you can adjust strikes by a max of ±12. If you have a player play in a ton of three player groups you may reach that limit.

@chuckwurt Can you add this as an idea on ? I think it’s a good suggestion and don’t want to lose track


Done. I will manually do strikes for now, but obviously this would be easier. Come on @haugstrup, press lots of buttons so I only have to press one!! Haha. Thanks again as always.


Andreas, I am planning a king of the hill tournament (head to head, swiss pairing) and just ran a simulation. Two questions have emerged:

  1. I have more pairings than arenas. At the start of each round, Matchplay assigns matches to all the arenas automatically. Each additional match thereafter must be assigned manually (i.e. a human must press settings, select arena, assign arena automatically) to start each remaining match for the round. Is it possible for matchplay to automatically assign a match to an arena as soon as it becomes free so players can organise themselves when I am in the middle of a game?

  2. I noticed that in round 9 of my simulation the 3rd position player (Matt O, 6.5 pts) was paired with the 23rd position player (Vincent R, 3 pts). Is this expected behaviour for straight Swiss in the 9th round?

Thanks, Greg


Number 1: No, there’s no way to have MP assign an arena automatically and immediately. I want to do it, but haven’t.

Number 2: I have an outstanding bug where a single player in some cases can be moved down more than one section in a swiss tournament. It’s 100% a bug.


I know a tournament’s stats page will show you how many times a player played a particular area. Is there a way to see how many times a player was paired agains another player?


Not without clicking on each individual player. There’s no reason I can’t add this to the stats page. Would probably not be very accessible on a phone though (it would display as a big matrix)


Should I add this as a suggestion to uservoice?


That would be wonderful @bondorew


General tournament question but I figure those who use Match Play often have probably run into this scenario. For most of our tournaments, we do 2 player games where the loser gets a strike. When there are an odd number of players in a round, somebody gets a bye.

My question is, how do you handle the situation where you are down to the final 3? I did it where somebody randomly got a bye, but I didn’t feel great about it. I sort of felt like it should move to a 3 person game at that point with the lowest person getting a strike. How do other tournament directors handle this?


Three player group once down to the final three.


Are you able to update match play to draw a 3 person group at that point or do you have to do the rest of the tournament manually?


I believe you will have to do it manually. I would have it generate the round for arena purposes, play the round as a three player group, then manually adjust strikes when you close the round.




I have been considering whether I should change all head-to-head knockout tournaments to create a three-player group when there’s only three players left. Not a configurable setting, these tournaments would just work that way always.

Any downsides to that plan?


I don’t see any. Byes at that stage in the game are silly imo.


I was in this exact situation in a 9 player tournament on Saturday. I would’ve rather played in a three player group earlier than a three player group for the winner of the tournament. The intensity of the final game when it’s head-to-head is something you want to keep.