Lyman Sheats Pinball Perfection

So how do you play it for fun?

I’ll take a crack at a guess:

Stacking End of the Line, Seek and Destroy, and Blackened.

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EOTL is worthless so no lol

I was waiting for a correction on what EOTL does or doesn’t stack with, never having been there myself.

So, do you just go for CIU when playing for fun?

Try to play S&D forever?

Lady Justice out?

Giving it a little bop doesn’t prevent you getting avatar’d?

On mine the fuel lane is about an 80/20 drain as well. When it comes out of the lane it catches the top left of the sling to the outlane. Not the inlane divider. Not much can be done at that point.

I guess this is the answer:

Metallica pinball- End of the Line (Youtube)
(Caution: End of the Line spoilers)

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Problem with EOTL is you are eventually going to start Blackened then you have no clue what shots you need to hit.


That video is incredible. Thanks for sharing it.

All thanks go to @sk8ball for making these things. :slight_smile:

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Nice vid. I watched it before reading this, and noticed the Blackened/EOTL predicament. All those color-changing RGB’s, and no way to designate two shots at the same time. :frowning:

Re: EOTL… what a wood-chop fest. Other than making your shots in time during single-ball play to get the privilege to chop down another tree, it looked like the value of each EOTL round’s final shot varied between 2.5M, 5M, and 10M (unmultiplied, I believe). It think it was tied into whether you hit the flashing shot as your final shot of each round – but I didn’t notice why there would be 3 levels of scoring vs just 2 levels.

Would have been better to make each round’s final shot (or all shot values) also tied to how many balls you still had in play (ala DE pin multiball SJP rules). Something like x4 value if you still have your 2-ball MB going, and x9 if you still have a 3-ball MB going during EOTL.

Surely the tournament strategy for Scared Stiff, is just constant Coffin MB?
Left ramp to light lock, (left loop to lock) x 3 gives 1st MB
( Left ramp to light lock, left loop to lock) x 3 gives 2nd MB
(2 x left ramp to light lock, left loop to lock) x 3 gives 3rd MB etc.etc.

I never aim for modes as such, but take MB extenders first anyway if I do get them.

Another decent scoring option is lighting deadheads, the points rack up to more than MB jackpots if you have a decent game

I wonder how to adjust to avoid this? I watched @seedees take 100 shots at the piston one game and it did not happen once. PAPA’s metallica though has definitely done this to me a few times in the past.