List of games with their current code number Wiki

Black Knight .97 released Here

Added initial production release for Wonka. First delta is live on the website. Follow link in wiki to find it. If you receive a game with 1.04 or 1.06 this delta (1.07) should and can be installed on top of both of them.

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New Game of Thrones code update reveal with Dwight on Deadflip’s Channel Vod

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Updated Spooky releases to current versions and added missing release dates.

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Game of Thrones 1.36 released today here


Wonka updated to 1.09 . Please use this new version if you plan on using it in a tourney. It fixes a rare crash.

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Dialed In 1.71 is live

Take note competition mode has changed the scoring of big bang usage during a mode. You will no longer receive the normal big bang points on top of the mode points and you will only receive half the completion bonus. Under Attack Multiball super jackpots will now honor competition mode and be the same pattern for all players. Inlane Hurry up rule will no longer be lit at game start.


Great change on balancing Big Bang during modes.

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Curious why this is only in competition mode and not a default setting? Is there any way to enable this WITHOUT turning on competition mode?

Love the change, I always thought you should have to think before pulling the trigger on that Big Bang


Right now there is no way to enable this besides turning on competition mode. In a future update I will consider making it a regular setting outside of competition mode.

it should be an setting that can be done in both modes.

BKSOR updated to 1.00 for both PRO and Premium/LE versions


Added Oktoberfest 19.7.27 (oooh, 8 minutes early! :wink: )

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Game of Thrones 1.37 update released here

Sept 11
Jurassic Park Pro updates to .88 here. (release log)

Willy Wonka 1.14 update has been added. Code is here

@Driz you should make new posts instead of editing old ones. Sometimes I use this thread to see if there is new stuff but I don’t click into it if there aren’t any new posts :slightly_smiling_face:

Ghostbusters just got updated to 1.16! WOOO

Pro Readme:

Pro code:

Premium/LE Readme:

Premium/LE Code:

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ENABLE BALL SEARCH (For development only)?

I think there my be some non development only as some competition play setting may want to use that.

I have avocated for Limited ball search for competition play. Which is also implemented in some of the mods.

In competition, strictly, ball search should be pop bumpers and diverters only. Never from anywhere the game should know the ball is positioned. And never ever from any of the buttom playfield mechs. Unless there are good reasons for it. Like the lower left playfield flipper on Road show, where the ball can get stuck behind.

Even diverters are problematic if the game code cannot compensate incorrect ball paths.

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That’s a really interesting idea and discussion @soren, but I recommend starting a separate thread, and we keep this List of current code thread focused on a repository of code update announcements.