List of games with their current code number Wiki

Stranger Things .94 released 2020-06-12. Code; readme (LE/Premium)

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Elvira updates to .97
TMNT added 1.01

More info here

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Turtles gets minor update to 1.04 here

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Added American Pinball’s Hot Wheels to the list, along with its first major code update, v20.07.01.

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Latest updates thanks to Stern, here.

7/23 Elvira .98
7/21 TMNT 1.10
7/16 Stranger Things .97
7/14 Jurassic Park 1.02

Hot Wheels updated to 20.08.01.

Quiet month? Back to back Hot Wheels advisories…

Hot Wheels updated to 20.09.01.

As a tribute to what should have been the start of the Munich Oktoberfest this weekend, Oktoberfest gets a nice big update to 20.09.19.


Quick update to Oktoberfest 20.09.23 to fix a bug that snuck into the recent release… only change since the previous version is a fix for a crash that could happen at end of game if Match is turned off. Even if you keep Match on and haven’t encountered this problem, no reason not to get the update. :slight_smile:

Oct 15
Elvira updates to 1.0
Stranger Things updates to .99

In honor of Virtual Pinball Expo, Hot Wheels 20.10.15 says hello. We are now providing both full and incremental versions of the update, so if you have 20.09.01, you can download the incremental and save some time on both the download and the install. Enjoy!


Oct 16
Stranger Things gets a bug fix minor update to .99.1 here.

Oct 20
Guns and Roses JJP gets its first update to 1.07. here
(change log).

I gotta say that I have mixed feelings on this thread lately. On one hand, I’m not happy at all that I haven’t been able to try the 27 different updates that have occured since my county locked down all the pinball machines. On the other hand, when things open back up, I’m going to be like a kid in a candy store. New software everywhere I look. Like I was frozen for a year or so. Can’t wait.

Thanks to all the contributors to this thread. Even if I can’t play it, it’s still nice to know I have something to look forward to.


New Avengers code .92 released!

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Tna updates to 1.4.2 here

Jurassic Park updates to 1.03 here

The latest updates here.

11/2 TMNT updates to 1.23.0
11/4 Elvira updates to 1.01.0
11/5 Avengers updates to 0.93.0
11/12 Deadpool updates to 1.05.0

11/24 Updates here:
Avengers IQ updates to 0.94
Stranger Things updates to 1.00.0
Black Knight SOR updates to 1.02.0

New Rick and Morty code update and log here.

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Hot Wheels has been updated to 20.12.10.