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Yep, hit the center spinner after collecting Mark 3. It’s awards a “2.5M Arc Reactor Bonus”. This resets if you drain before collecting. It can be doubled with Double Scoring.


Does the flipper status finally tell you how many whiplash hits you need to start that multiball?

It’s always done that since the latest release
Unless that was a special PAPA only release ?

No that was finally added in the very last code update they did with the original Vault Edition release. Three whole status screens!!!

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Does the status report finally tell you anything???

Stranger Things updates to .87…here.
Change logs:

I keep having this dream that when the veil lifts there will be all this pinball to play, but all the games will have different rules than they had before and I won’t know what the rules are anymore.

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Jurassic Park updates to 1.01 here

TNA V1.4.0 here.
Change Log

Munsters gets a small update to 1.03 here.

Elvira updates to .94
Stranger Things updates to .88 here

Elvira updates to .95
Iron Man Updates to 1.86 here

Thanks Stern

I missed this one on 5/5
Stranger Things updates to .90 here

Stranger Things .92 released 5/21 here

Elvira updates to .96 here

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Stranger Things .94 released 2020-06-12. Code; readme (LE/Premium)

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Elvira updates to .97
TMNT added 1.01

More info here

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Turtles gets minor update to 1.04 here

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Added American Pinball’s Hot Wheels to the list, along with its first major code update, v20.07.01.

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Latest updates thanks to Stern, here.

7/23 Elvira .98
7/21 TMNT 1.10
7/16 Stranger Things .97
7/14 Jurassic Park 1.02

Hot Wheels updated to 20.08.01.