List of Exploits that are Allowed / Disallowed in Tournament Play




I’d go with the shoot the left ramp, bump over to a cradle on the right . . . but you can go scoop all day if you want :slight_smile:


… the left ramp is blocked :wink:

My usual is left loop to catch…


Scoop will also add time to the mode when the timer is under 10 secs :rage:


In Elvira Canaveral Tours The Addams Family Pinball Mansion Comic Book Guide from it mentions the TILT GREED letter and while not particularly beneficial as a strategy (a bonus is worth far more than a single bookcase hit) I do feel it is in the spirit of the Ruleset similar to Dirty Pool.

Elvira Canaveral


I was just reading the Roller Coaster Tycoon rulesheet someone put together on pinside, which mentions a “secret multiball” when two balls are kicked out of the lock (instead of 1) the game apparently says “2 for 1.”

Does this then fall under dirty pool/programmed fault? (Or unearned multiball?)


I don’t know it, but if the game has coded for it (ie: tells you 2 for 1), then it should be allowed.


It’s specifically called out in the IFPAPA rules as allowed:

Nudging a machine so a locked ball moves and registers a switch causing a ball save, or nudging in order to manipulate a feature to begin a multiball would be permissible. Examples include shaking Bram Stoker’s Dracula such that the mist ball falls from its magnet starting multiball, shaking Avatar when a ball is in the Link assembly causing it to register, or shaking The Walking Dead causing the Well Walker to register a hit.


So, can we have legal deathsaves on all DE games with awards too?


Death saves are different. That goes under treatment of the equipment and players health. I believe.


Not allowed on any game with an auto-plunger and a manual plunger -

Hip cheat to defeat auto plunge at the start of MB. (one ball multiball)

Any specific IFPAPA rules that address this?


Search for “plunger” on this page:

(Yes, there is a rule.)


Yup, and it says you may only get a warning. Think I’ll try this at league next week and see if anybody notices. d;^)


Name: 1st(?) Ball search releases locked ball
Ruling: Disallowed
If you get a ball stuck on Robocop, the first or second(?) ball search will eject the locked ball.


and in talking about this who is responsible for some of the odd stuff on certain machines that can lead to an player penalty / DQ?
Say someone who crashes the game or puts in an state that messes the up game for other players with an 255-256 rollover?
The player to read up on it on there own (and what about events that say no reference materials while playing?)
The player to know that 255-256 of something is bad? but only in some games?
The TD to post it?
All players in the game?

Even for rules that the one game is different from the common rules for the event?


Does this then fall under dirty pool/programmed fault? (Or unearned multiball?)

But under that logic maybe if there is an display but in some games other events may over ride the display for that.
Lot’s of games auto recover from an double lock kick out and it just an 2 ball with no multi ball scoring or modes.