Left or Right Handed?

I’m glad I’m not the only person who has noticed this. I hate making right orbit shots a lot more than making left orbit shots. If I’m playing TotAN and have locks lit I basically always want to shoot the left orbit for locks. Shooting the right orbit just feels less comfortable. I used to wonder why that was, and then I realized it probably has to do with being right hand dominant.

Is it me or is the left ramp on WCS easier to hit than the right ramp? Any other games where people notice a ramp difference?

Right ramp is impossible for me. I have a friend that hits them both at will though. If he knew how to get to the World Cup final, that would be a viable strategy for him. Haha.

I’m left handed and vastly prefer the left ramp on WCS. It’s an easier shot, and in a more familiar a spot for a ramp. I bet it’s wider also.

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I wonder too for this specific game, the misses to the right ramp are much more deadly. Knowing that, I go for it less further magnifying my suckage at hitting it. It’s pretty blocked too although that technically shouldn’t effect my aiming since I use the flipper to aim.

WCS right ramp is basically an orbit shot, so the ball has way less power than the more conventionally placed left ramp. CC would be another example of this.


Also right handed and struggle with shots from the left. I have to concentrate so much harder when shooting a right ramp or orbit. I recognized it a couple of years ago and have spent some focused time just shooting the right side of the playfield on a variety of games and it has helped but my accuracy is still greater from the right flipper. GoT is my biggest nemesis - the darn Stark ramp is almost always the final shot I’m trying to make to get my supers.

I spend basically the entire multiball ball saver plus that of House Martell on the right ramp. I feel your pain.

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The struggle is real.