JJP PotC: Does Plunder impact tournament viability/TGP?


Of course, but that’s not how the rule is written, and pinball people seem to like to twist things.

As a rules wonk, looking for loopholes and coming up with contrived situations to test things makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


I’m running a tournament this weekend and our local game distributor has very generously brought in a JJPOTC from Montreal for us to use.

I’d really like to avoid getting dinged on the TGP, so what sort of evidence do I need to provide to demonstrate that I’ve disabled the plundering of balls? Is this an option? Is there an “accreditation” fee I can pay? :wink:

(Seriously, though, this is going to be an 8+ hour tournament that I’d really like to have hit 100% TGP without forcing people to play 1-player games on a perfectly good 4-player game.)


Aren’t all WPPR submissions pretty much validated solely on the word of the TD? There are plenty of more significant rules that could be violated by an unscrupulous TD, but I think everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty (or until a history of guilt is established).


disabling plunder option would be great for tournament, just as an option :slight_smile: