Jackbot Tournament Settings and Cheating.

Hey all, Seattle Pinball League finals will be using Jackbot this weekend and I am trying to make sure that my understanding of the rules around cheating in Tournament mode are correct. I know that I have read about this before but I cannot seem to find the information.

My understanding is that the in tournament mode the 3rd (or is it 4th) casino game will be cheated. Do you have to be trying to cheat in every game for this to work?

In Casino Run will you still be able to cheat the first bomb? Or is does that only work in non-tournament mode.

Lastly, is it possible to cheat a bonus multiplier in tournament mode?

I believe it’s every 5th cheat. And I don’t think it has to be tied to a mode. Could be wrong about that though.

I believe you can cheat the first bomb so long as it’s #5

No idea or clue on bonus multiplier

It’s the 4th casino game, unless the 4th casino game is slot machine, then I have no idea what happens :slight_smile: I think you don’t get to cheat at that point, or it will work later, I’ll have to test this, I always save my cheat for Keno on the 4th game :slight_smile:

You can cheat the first bomb, but if you then risk and continue after the cheat I’d say it’s basically 99% you are getting a bomb on the next spin. Also I have seen where you haven’t cheated but used a water bucket to diffuse a bomb and then another bomb pops up and it won’t let you cheat.

Yes, you can also cheat the multiplier but I think it only works on ball 2, but I’m not sure about this one so I am most likely wrong.

This is the definitive post on that topic: What's your favorite game to play in a tournament?


This is the post that I was looking for!

Thanks Greg.

Just an FYI, but there is a known bug using the competition mode that sometimes causes a game reset. Due to this I no longer use Jackbot in tournament mode during my tournaments. If you’re unsure, maybe play a bunch of games on tournament mode to see if you get a reset. I even have the 5v mod to ensure that’s not why it resets, and somewhere else I was informed about this bug (don’t know where that is now). So just beware, maybe test it out first and be prepared for a ruling if that does happen during your tournament.

The ruling would be catastrophic, where the scores as they were should appear on the DMD. Take them down and then whoever was playing their ball gets another ball. Then all other player’s balls that were not plunged and played get another ball. All on a new game of course, and that score is added to the game scores from the game that reset. And since this is a known bug, be prepared for possibility that someone thinks it was a slam tilt and argues the point. It isn’t (unless someone really kicked the machine or something very obvious).

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Good point to mention this, but my understanding (and experience in owning a JB with Tournament Mode on) is that you’ll only see an occasional reset when someone presses the start button. If you’re seeing mid-game resets, you have some problem other than this bug.


Ah yeah, that is what I’ve seen as well on the start button. But I wasn’t sure if that was the only time seen during tournament mode before I installed the 5 volt mod. So maybe tournament mode is okay after all. I may even try it again next Saturday during my tournament.

Thanks for the update on that.

Well, now I gotta re-read the cheating stuff on tourney mode, LOL

I’m not the one running the tournament but I am assuming they will have the game in tourny mode. I was just asking this question for my own benefit!

I can confirm the reset occurring on game start in tournament mode; I own the game and have had it happen multiple times. I have never experienced a reset other than when pressing start, and would consider the game safe to use in tournaments…

Yep only resets when you push the start button, I also own the game and that is the only time Ive ever had a reset.

Yesterday during lead up to my tournament, Jackbot was resetting during games with competition mode on, so we reverted it back to non-competition mode and it never reset again. Maybe different firmware, but be aware it is possible to reset during a game depending on the game like mine.

This single data point confirms it.