IFPA16 - Session #1 groups

For anyone interested, here’s an early look at the tentative session #1 groups for IFPA16. We’ve had one player drop so far . . . I imagine that won’t be the last.

Group #1

  1. Raymond Davidson (USA)
  2. Marcus Hugosson (SWE)
  3. Jonas Valström (SWE)
  4. Danny Iuliano (ITA)

Group #2
2. Keith Elwin (USA)
31. Peter Andersen (DEN)
34. Fred Richardson (USA)
63. Gabi Molotov Gavrilita (ROU)

Group #3
3. Daniele Celestino Acciari (ITA)
30. Jack Tadman (CAN)
35. Markus Stix (AUT)
62. Milan Caranovic (ROU)

Group #4
4. Johannes Ostermeier (GER)
29. Stefan Herold (GER)
36. Mark van der Gugten (NED)
61. BJ Wilson (NZ)

Group #5
5. Trent Augenstein (USA)
28. Roberto Pedroni (ITA)
37. Paul Jones AUS (AUS)
60. Vid Kuklec (SLO)

Group #6
6. Cayle George (USA)
27. John Delzoppo (USA)
38. Roland Schwarz (AUT)
59. Tatsunori Naruke (JPN)

Group #7
7. Zach Sharpe (USA)
26. Johan Genberg (SWE)
39. Jason Lambert (AUS)
58. Nick Mueller (USA)

Group #8
8. Robert Gagno (CAN)
25. Andrei Massenkoff (USA)
40. Rich Mallett (UK)
57. Andrej Demsar (SLO)

Group #9
9. Jorgen Holm (SWE)
24. Erno Rotter (GER)
41. Peter Blakemore (UK)
56. Kyoichi Miyaura (JPN)

Group #10
10. Steven Bowden (USA)
23. Jason Werdrick (USA)
42. Mads Kristensen (DEN)
55. Morten Sobyskogen (NOR)

Group #11
11. Franck Bona (FRA)
22. Levente Tregova (SUI)
43. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (FIN)
54. Tormod Pettersen (NOR)

Group #12
12. David Riel (USA)
21. Escher Lefkoff (USA)
44. Santiago Elices (ESP)
53. Archibald Lefevre (FRA)

Group #13
13. Albert Nomden (NED)
20. Josh Sharpe (USA)
45. Martin Janczyk (POL)
52. Ollivier Francq (BEL)

Group #14
14. Colin MacAlpine (USA)
19. Adam Becker (CAN)
46. Rafael Masedo Rodriguez (ESP)
51. Boldizsor Botka (HUN)

Group #15
15. Jim Belsito (USA)
18. Robert Sutter (SUI)
47. Gabor Solymosi (HUN)
50. Daniel Nowak POL (POL)

Group #16
16. Mats Runsten (SWE)
17. Jorian Engelbrektsson (SWE)
48. Didier Dujardin (BEL)
49. Jussi Rantala (FIN)


Who dropped?


Group #12, USA! USA! USA!

Group #14, um, North America! North America! North America!:grin:

Too bad Julio had to drop. His play style is awesome to witness!


UPDATED tentative Session #1 groups (as of 4:39pm Chicago time on 5/29). Ignore the game choices as I’m too lazy to remove them.

Group #1

  1. Raymond Davidson (USA)
  2. Mark van der Gugten (NED)
  3. Paul Jones AUS (AUS)
  4. Danny Iuliano (ITA)
    Games: Stern Dracula, Genesis, The Walking Dead

Group #2
2. Daniele Celestino Acciari (ITA)
31. Johnny Modica (USA)
34. Roland Schwarz (AUT)
63. Hervé Pierru (FRA)
Games: Cheetah, Whirlwind, Independence Day

Group #3
3. Johannes Ostermeier (GER)
30. Markus Stix (AUT)
35. Benjamin Gräbeldinger (GER)
62. Gabi Molotov Gavrilita (ROU)
Games: Big Game, Meteor, Metallica

Group #4
4. Trent Augenstein (USA)
29. Jonas Valström (SWE)
36. Phil Grimaldi (USA)
61. Milan Caranovic (ROU)
Games: Scorpion, Dirty Harry, Cheetah

Group #5
5. Cayle George (USA)
28. Marcus Hugosson (SWE)
37. Thomas Mästerman (SWE)
60. BJ Wilson (NZ)
Games: Surf n Safari, Whitewater, Stern Dracula

Group #6
6. Zach Sharpe (USA)
27. Peter Andersen (DEN)
38. Jason Lambert (AUS)
59. Vid Kuklec (SLO)
Games: Butterfly, Flash Gordon, Attack from Mars

Group #7
7. Robert Gagno (CAN)
26. Jack Tadman (CAN)
39. Rich Mallett (UK)
58. Tatsunori Naruke (JPN)
Games: 4 Square, Quicksilver, Spiderman

Group #8
8. David Riel (USA)
25. Stefan Herold (GER)
40. Peter Blakemore (UK)
57. Nick Mueller (USA)
Games: Magic, Space Station, Ironman

Group #9
9. Albert Nomden (NED)
24. Roberto Pedroni (ITA)
41. Mads Kristensen (DEN)
56. Andrej Demsar (SLO)
Games: Viking, Robowar, Twilight Zone

Group #10
10. Colin MacAlpine (USA)
23. John Delzoppo (USA)
42. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (FIN)
55. Kyoichi Miyaura (JPN)
Games: Monaco, Robocop, Congo

Group #11
11. Jim Belsito (USA)
22. Johan Genberg (SWE)
43. Santiago Elices (ESP)
54. Morten Søbyskogen (NOR)
Games: Seawitch, Arena, The Addams Family

Group #12
12. Mats Runsten (SWE)
21. Andrei Massenkoff (USA)
44. Martin Janczyk (POL)
53. Tormod Pettersen (NOR)
Games: Class of 1812, Family Guy, Viking

Group #13
13. Jorian Engelbrektsson (SWE)
20. Ernö Rotter (GER)
45. Rafael Masedo Rodríguez (ESP)
52. Archibald Lefevre (FRA)
Games: Pokerino, Radical, Creature from the Black Lagoon

Group #14
14. Robert Sutter (SUI)
19. Jason Werdrick (USA)
46. Gabor Solymosi (HUN)
51. Ollivier Francq (BEL)
Games: Harlem Globetrotters, Mousin Around, Shadow

Group #15
15. Adam Becker (CAN)
18. Levente Tregova (SUI)
47. Didier Dujardin (BEL)
50. Boldizsár Botka (HUN)
Games: Dragonfist, Teed Off, 4 Square

Group #16
16. Josh Sharpe (USA)
17. Escher Lefkoff (USA)
48. Jussi Rantala (FIN)
49. Daniel Nowak POL (POL)
Games: Grand Lizard, Iron Maiden, Big Game



Cayle gets a free beer because of the Wwe meme! :smiley:

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Who is streaming?


Yes and what times in the US is the stream hopefully appearing?

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All streaming of the events in Milan will be done by JDL Pinball at https://www.twitch.tv/jdl_pinball

They are starting this weekend for the Double Weekend Challenge pre-tournament. Then covering the Epstein Cup on Thursday, with coverage of qualifying for the main event beginning on Friday and through finals on Sunday.

I don’t know exactly when streams will begin but the events mostly start at 10am local time, so 4am EDT. With the exception being Epstein Cup which begins at 8pm local time.

After the events, the streams will be edited and saved to their Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/jdl_pinball


JDL Pinball does very good streaming. If you’re not familiar with the channel, check out the extensive archive collection, and be sure to subscribe. There’s a TON of good finals play. Lots of recent content from the numerous German tourneys.


Ant update on the streaming schedule for this weekend, esp Finals? Also, what is the format/brackets for the Epstein Cup?


Shortlink to Google Sheet of all IFPA16 live updates, starting with Epstein Cup updates in a couple of hours.


Thank you, and I got the times on the ifpa website.

thank you for the info and updates !!

Twitch Chat seems to be down.

Same for me.

Saw some amazing Pinball today, awesome stream!

Top 8 tomorrow!


I’m rooting for the all-bad-character-encoding finals set of Jonas Valström, Hervé Pierru, Benjamin Gräbeldinger, and Morten Søbyskogen. :slight_smile: