IFPA Sanctioning Resumes August 1 2021

Looks like August 1st is when IFPA sanctioned events will resume:

Complete info in the link, but some points I noticed:

30 day advance scheduling rule still in effect.

On leagues:

Any leagues that were unable to complete their 2020 seasons can pick up where they left off, but the IFPA will not retroactively sanction events: leagues or tournaments held between March 17, 2020, and July 31, 2021, are not eligible for WPPR points.

These events have been canceled:

The 2021 qualifying seasons (with finals in 2022) for the following championship series have been cancelled:
– IFPA North American Championship Series
– IFPA Women’s North American Championship Series
– IFPA European Championship Series
– any IFPA Country Championship Series

Sanctioning fees continue, 2021 fees go towards 2022 season prize package.

IFP17 is now May 26-29, 2022 (this might have been confirmed already in another thread here)

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Reminder, US folks. This means no SCS this time. Either you try to have your own SCS with 5 months of points (which seems pretty unfair to those who won big earlier in the year) or you consider going Florida’s route: Florida's alternate SCS: The Sunshine State Showdown

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This is the biggest [happy] pinball news I’ve heard for over a year. I thought it wouldn’t come until later than this. Please stay safe while having fun, everyone!

“It’s more fun to compete.”


Alright. Time to defend the jump in ranking I experienced during the pandemic. :wink:


It was time . . .


good that leagues that were unable to complete their 2020 seasons and there is no state points for this year

but for super states? will that be on 2022 stuff only?


I hear you. I think I’m at my highest ever (well, highest since the Great Revision nerfed my best league). It’s been creeping steadily up!

An interesting side effect of the shutdown is that basically, anyone with plenty of good results over the year prior, seems to have inched upward in the rankings.


Agreed. I’m exhibit A. Had my best tournament ever at INDISC just two months before the shutdown. My ranking has held steady or moved upward slightly throughout the last year. :smiley: