IFPA North American Championship Series – Starting in 2018!


Just don’t forget what Zach and I went through to get you that . . .



Is there a trend in europe to have more tournaments at commercial/public locations non-pinball than in private collections or arcades? I’m having a hard time thinking of any events in the US that rent out a space just for tournaments. Besides from Pinburgh even most tournaments that are at such locations are usually tacked on to shows and not the other way around


INDISC and NW are both two events that come to my mind.


Bat City Open also used a public venue. Buffalo Billiards bar graciously let us use their huge 2nd floor private party space.


Don’t they have pins normally though?


In roughly descending order of cost to the organizers, we have, among other formats [and I hope I got these examples right]:

Pay for Function Space with catering [Pinburgh / Replay]
Pay for Function Space only [Phoenix, NW Tournament]
Pay for Function Space with Hotel Room-night Offset [Atlanta, CalEx]
Pay for Existing Site [INDISC]
Pay for Active Arcade site via Coin Drop [OBX]
Clubhouse chooses payment or not [PPO, Boras, DPM]

In the function space cases, there’s also the cost of getting the machines there. If show attendees or tournament participants bring the games, this may be zero or small; if not, if may be considerable. In the US, it’s common to have people bring their own machines at no charge other than free admission to the event. That does a lot to keep costs down. The larger US events also seem to tie in to hotels more than the European ones, providing that room-night offset.


They do. But they were moved to a larger space in the bar (opened to public). Operator also gracious enough to not require coin drop for the pins during Bat City Open.


Taking into account picking up games from people loaning (gas/toll/time) then renting a Penske truck for (2) one day (insurance/gas) we usually earmark $500 for moving games (include straps/shrink wraps).That + Rental of the location is 60% of our cost… Less % now with the PAPA and IFPA Fee in our expenses :wink:


For qualifying as a super state, if you meet this requirements in 2018, does the field expand for the 2018 championships, or will you become a super state in 2019?


Just look at your states stat page for your answer as it will list prize payouts for all positions.

Here’s Michigan’s for an example: https://www.ifpapinball.com/nacs/standings.php?&l=MI#stats


So once the requirements are met, the standings immediately expand?

Why is NC not a super state?


I’ll defer to @Shep on this one, but I’m guessing there’s a module we have to rebuild on our side that would flag it as a Super State.


In NC’s case you don’t have 400 participating players yet.


LOL . . . yeah there’s that as well now that I had a chance to take a look :slight_smile:

87 players to go!


I absolutely love your @Shep defense auto reply @pinwizj . :rofl:


Ahh is see. I was looking at something else and thought they were over 400.


It takes a little bit. Ontario crossed the 100 tournament point on Sept 27, and the stats expanded to 24 payouts today.