IFPA 2018 changes?


Interested in seeing the final fine print on the changes for 2018. Less than 2 months out.


Is there going to be a write-up before December 2nd(when you’re required to register for a Jan 1st tournament)?


Yep . . . just putting the finishes touching on the functionality on the back end to make sure we can do what we want to do.


Tilt Forums exclusive . . .

  • Best 20 results within a state will count for each player (similar to the way the World Rankings are calculated).

  • “Super States” expansion of the qualifying field will be in play. Any States that have a minimum of 400 unique players and 100 events held within that state during the calendar year will be eligible for that expanded 24 player final.


Wait a minute, is Ontario going to be a “Super State”. I think I take offense at that.


That’s for state rankings? I thought it didn’t matter?



The number of times on the updated rules page I had to write “State or Province or District” was soon replaced by “Assume going forward that any mention of States also refers to Provinces and Districts” :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter for those that know it doesn’t. For PERCEPTION of people that think it does matter . . . we’re rolling with it.

If anything it’ll tighten up the spots a bit, which may lead to more people thinking they have a better chance to make it, thus getting them out to compete more often? (even though we know they don’t)


That is interesting… Now even if some weekly chose to pay the $1 IFPA tax the aggregation of small results x52 a year will not count/matter either! Way to kill the grinders :slight_smile:


Can it be on the TD to consolidate the events into a series and get a larger point value from that event though?


Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of way to make it work. I am just thinking for formats as they are today and TD not looking to tweak for WPPR value.

@pinwizj you wouldn’t have a filter handy to see what the state ranking would be this year with the best 20 rule, would you? :slight_smile:


I don’t . . .I have to run the query manually.

Here’s the ‘capped’ WA top 16 at the moment:

Germain Mariolle 384.93
Chris Chinn 312.49
Raymond Davidson 281.88
Dave Stewart 257.6
Maka Honig 244.83
Alex Tada 230.38
Sergey Posrednikov 218.99
Lonnie Langford 212.26
Jordan Semrow 194.68
Joshua Bartlett 192.6
Mike Corbett WA 186.93
Jesse Labbe 177.74
John Robinson WA 169.69
Todd Rafacz 161.52
Robert Gagno 156.35
Travis Maisch 139

The only change with respect to those that qualify would be Robert Gagno IN, Todd Larsen OUT.

Todd actually slips just below Jared and Blake with the ‘capped’ system, where he finishes above both of them in the current system.


Boooo. I guess I still have the shot at drunkenly grinding my way past Rafacz this year.


Gonna be tough for me next year. Guess I’ll have to PLAY BETTER.


Interesting shake up for sure…

It would likely be top 24 as well if I understand the other rule right


That depends on the amount of WA “shrinkage” planned for next year :wink:


If you could run the numbers for Texas I’d be very interested.

Of the Tx top 20 for 2017, 9 have 40-75 events so far this year with an average value per event of around 3 points (for players with 40+ events). For the rest of the top 20, 8 have fewer than 20 events total and 3 have as many as 27. Capping things at 20 events seems like it would make a large difference.


If by “large difference” you mean “1 player”, then you’re absolutely right! :slight_smile:

1 Colin MacAlpine 274.64
2 Fred Revnew 256.1
3 Phil Grimaldi 220.74
4 Mark Meserve 196.46
5 Craig Squires 196.23
6 Robert Byers 174.67
7 Ken Kemp 156.96
8 Eric Stone 145
9 Cory Westfahl 142.76
10 Kevin Rodriguez 130.09
11 David Pollock 112.87
12 Bryce Revnew 111.32
13 Marcus Trevino 110.14
14 Trent Augenstein 104.69
15 Preston Moncla 99.53
16 Ray Ford 91.04

Top 20 Capped
Colin MacAlpine 274.64
Phil Grimaldi 220.74
Mark Meserve 192.23
Robert Byers 174.67
Fred Revnew 168.54
Craig Squires 159.02
Eric Stone 145
Ken Kemp 124.35
Trent Augenstein 104.69
Cory Westfahl 101.75
Kevin Rodriguez 100.38
Preston Moncla 99.53
Bryce Revnew 96.1
Ray Ford 87.75
David Pollock 87.11
Brad Holliday 85.79

The only difference in names is Brad Holliday sneaks into the 16th spot under the capped system (he was 17th in the uncapped system). The casualty of the capped system is Marcus Trevino who goes from in at 13th to out in 19th. The rest of the names are the same of who makes the cut.


Can you paste OR here since I know someone will ask?


Here you go! Similar to every other state this is another ONE PLAYER difference.

1 Daniel Rone 285.56
2 Colin Urban 224.71
3 Mathew Peterson 206.49
4 Zoe Vrabel 159.08
5 Erik Graciosa 151.18
6 Derek Miazga 148.1
7 Jeff Lee OR 146.98
8 Andy Cobb 142.27
9 Jeff Hart 141.58
10 John Hartman 124.7
11 Greg Dunlap 123.85
12 Dana Valatka 123.82
13 James Adamson 123.75
14 David Morell 121.5
15 John Fujita 101.38
16 Nathan Stellhorn 91.69

Top 20 capped:
1 Colin Urban 202.86
2 Daniel Rone 185.85
3 Mathew Peterson 135.93
4 Derek Miazga 135
5 Jeff Hart 131.29
6 Jeff Lee OR 130.33
7 Zoe Vrabel 127.19
8 Andy Cobb 116.65
9 Greg Dunlap 107.38
10 Erik Graciosa 105.38
11 Dana Valatka 96.73
12 James Adamson 95.36
13 John Fujita 95.34
14 John Hartman 89.84
15 Nathan Stellhorn 88.25
16 Noah Davis 87.54

Noah is 17th in the uncapped system, but would sneak into 16th in the capped system. Casualty of war here would be David Morell who would drop from 14th to 18th if we moved to the capped system. All other 15 qualifiers are the same either way.