IFPA 2018 changes?


I was thinking about this, considering that I would be planning of getting the IFPA fee from location or % off top4 prizes, hence no direct “cost” to players (would only be a philosophical issue…) I may make the event without optout… I understand the reasoning but the added logistics and potential devaluation of result post opt-out for other players would add to confusion in my opinion.
If there is really a “philosophical issue” (still talking about pinball ranking system here…) then skipping my few “IFPA sponsored” events would make more sense…


In Ohio, the process used to be “those who whine the loudest get the SCS” :wink:

It has since moved to the center of the state. I still favor KY over Ohio, but not enough to not pay the $1/tournament.

It makes sense if requests and arrangements have already been made and preparations begun in Cincinnati, but that would imply a process, of which there was none except that quoted above.

Seriously… y’all really screwed the pooch that year and alienated an entire city from the SCS. Annoyance has long worn off, but apathy remains strong :slight_smile:


You thinking of hosting this year? :wink:


No :wink:


You do know that the Replay Foundation that runs the Circuit is also a charity right? So, technically every Circuit event is partially a charity event!


You guys are a charity??? … never heard that before literally just now.

So technically you’re saying anyone that took the money at Circuit Final is actually stealing from a charity since that prize pool was fully funded by Replay Foundation last year? I’m not proud today to have been one of those 40 finalists and apologize for stealing from your good cause.


wait I am confused now, are you saying not all 100% of the fee collected from circuit events are going into Circuit finals prize pool and packages PAPA send to the events?

Is there actually a breakdown on where the fees go? Just curious :slight_smile:


Read the official notice here on ReplayFX Foundation being a Charity.



Oh Todd…


Wait… you’re not ok with stealing money from our charity, yet you’ll steal $1 from all of these other charities.



300 posts is the magic limit where this thread jumped the shark. :slight_smile:


Had to look it up, didn’t know about the charity part myself since you never see any posts suggesting such donations made… Nothing but Air Jordan’s here.


100% of all Circuit Fees go to support the Circuit events and the Circuit final.


So by paying this out to the top 9% the Replay Foundation is stealing from the Replay Foundation!

How dare you Doug! Now who’s the monster??


The things we send out to the events don’t always go to the top 9%. It is up to the TD to decide where that goes. So if they just give it to the top 9%, then yes THEY are the monster.


Are we allowed to raffle off the medallion instead of giving it to the winner to help raise money for the Replay Foundation?


Yes, of course.

Actually, I have some used carpet that needs raffling, if you’d help me out there.


gotta love the duo slapstick comedy between IFPA and PAPA, would make for a great comic strip :slight_smile:


There is probably some circular donation/payout strategy that we can use to be able to announce that the Replay Foundation raised $1,000,000 in donations in 2017. They pay out $5000 to the players, we give it all back, they give it all back to us, we give it all back, etc.

I’m always for more positive media pieces for the sport. I’ll get with @PAPA_Doug on this ASAP :slight_smile:


You told us not to steal the carpet so you could raffle it off! Are we the monsters for wanting the carpet, or are YOU the monster for denying future tenants the ability to work on the best carpet in the world?

This can go all day.