I blame the rules

I think no changes should be made to the rule, considering the low frequency of issues related to it.

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Or a team committing a dumb unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to lose a game they would have otherwise won, allowing their opponent to win and make the playoffs, which eliminates a third team that “should have” made it. These things happen.

To continue the football analogy, I feel like this is all just Monday morning quarterbacking the ruleset to find a way in which you would have survived this scenario. The rules are fine. You were the unfortunate victim of a no-win situation. One thing I’ve learned from @pinwizj is that once you realize every ruling screws someone, you stop sweating it.


My Pinburgh experience every ball …

What player am I again?
Is that player up?
I think I’m up?
If that player is up and I’m that player then I’m probably ok to play?

Rinse repeat the process seven times, checking the score sheet and the player display each time.



To be fair, in this case OP got screwed by someone else failing do to that. He was collateral damage.