How to hit a shot

I just use the flipper itself to gauge when I need to flip. Of course, the more you play, the more natural it becomes to flip without even looking. That said, there are going to be times where you just can’t seem to find the shot, and you need to look at the flipper to ensure you are flipping early–or late–as adjustments until you find the shot.


One trick I use if I am consistently missing a shot is to move my head slightly left or right (depending on if it is a left or right flipper shot) to get more in line with the path of the shot.
I only have to do it a couple of times as once I have hit the shot twice or so I can adjust my head back to its usual central position.
I’m only talking a few inches here.


Did this last night on a game of medieval madness to hit the third castle lock. Missed early to the troll target and it had a quick rebound to a drain that might have been saveable. Point is, if you’re going to do this, be prepared to react quickly from that new position you’re in.


I’ve started to realize I do this too, but with the opposite flipper before the ball gets there. I’m not sure it helps, but it seems to keep the flow a little better? I think the end effect is you have less time to overthink your shot.

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Related to this: if I’ve taken warnings I will show myself the number of warnings with fingers before entering something (like a multiball) where I could forget that information.


If I am consistently missing a shot I will attempt to replace it (brain-wise) with a shot from a different game that I think is in the same position. Somehow this helps, and I don’t know how.


I attempted this once but I couldn’t get the ramp to fit the different playfield. :grinning: