How to deal with events that are too successful


What is the pushback you are describing?


If a tournament requires you to purchase show tickets, it would be beneficial to have a drop down option so the attendee can be asked what their primary reason for attending is. If show tickets can be purchased months in advance, knowing you have a spike in the reason being the tournament could allow the TD to make adjustments. I understand logistically/fire code may cause participant caps (100 for the Sanctum/1000 for Pinburgh) but to just come up with an arbitrary number based off of no data is what we should want to avoid. Supply should meet demand when possible and I think that is how you can run a successful event.


I schedule the seminars for Pintastic, and I have to put Eric and Bowen in non-tournament hours. I’ve invited Steve Bowden to be a speaker, but so far he hasn’t taken me up on that. For 2019, Tim Sexton was unable to be at a seminar advertised as the “Steve Ritchie with Tim Sexton” seminar because he qualified for elimination rounds in the Rumble. He was around for his own seminar on Friday afternoon. I would be interested in having your seminar about “working the booth” - can we PM about it? To summarize, I see a mixed bag on speaker availability. I like the constructive tone in this thread so far. Anyone else want to pitch a seminar idea to me?
…David Marston


Let’s talk!!!


Just don’t schedule the seminar during the elimination rounds for the Rumble Mr. 54 :grinning:


We were trying to get access to the massive projector screen in the vendor hall to broadcast the finals on. We couldn’t even get reliable internet from them for the stream so we had to gorilla our own internet infrastructure in the hotel this year, so we didn’t end up pursuing the projector. Hopefully we can move forward with a more interactive crowd and broadcast for finals at our new location.


@LOTR_breath thanks for the link, but i don’t think it satisfactorily answers my question.

I guess my issue is with how harder is being defined. Which part is harder? Getting top 8 scores are harder than top 16 scores, sure. But as pointed out, there’s a decreased pool of competitors for top scores. Once a player has “locked in” qualifying on 5 machines, their scores on the rest of the machines aren’t relevant.


Yeah I took a look at that screen. I think you were probably wise not to bother with it.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year!


This is exactly how we do Pinball Expo Flipout in Chicago. Thursday seeding then start the ‘B’ bracket Friday morning. ‘A’ bracket starts Sat morning and the top 16 seeded know they won’t play til Sunday. Gives people time to walk the show or play in Classics.

This year exhibit hall admission is included in the tourney again and for every participant in the tourney Expo is adding $10 to the prize pool!