How come I don't see much data-mining for pinball?

Can anyone explain to me how spidysense actually works?

Spidey sense is interesting, most importantly during multiball, you only get an add-a-ball when you complete the targets within the multiball prior to hitting it. In other words - if spidey sense is already lit coming in, you need to complete a bank before it will award the add-a-ball.


But this makes me wonder - can I get 2 add-a-balls in a stacked multiball? At the same time? If not, can I get an add-a-ball then bring in the second multiball, then get a second add-a-ball?

I can’t decide if this is real or not either. I would rate it PLAUSIBLE. But, all the more reason for TDs to stop screwing around with Stewie Pinball settings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When the bank is complete, you start side-scoring based on whatever is currently running. There is a priority hierarchy here that will have to be data-mined. :wink: If nothing is running, then all you get is “big points” or whatever. Typically multiballs are higher priority than other running modes, and I believe white arrow modes are higher priority than villains.

Even when I was working there I couldn’t tell you how the side-points accumulate. Basically, for whatever you enable spidey sense for, every time you make a shot for the mode(s) you have enabled scoring on, points get added to the respective bucket(s). As @G_Money states, if you collect spidey sense DURING a multiball that you enabled spidey sense on, you will also get an add-a-ball. This rule doesn’t come into play very often, and is even more rarely actively gone after, but it is one of those great back-pocket things you can whip out to stun on-lookers as you extend a critical Battle Royale then pass your opponent. :wink:

When you shoot spidey sense, you collect and stop any accumulating awards. Also, different villain “modes” do not count on the same spidey sense (you’ll notice it very specifically says the name of the sandman mode or the goblin mode for example). Spidey Sense champ is the largest total collected all at once, not throughout a game.


I can try and review the source code when I get home to make sure I’m not missing any requirements :stuck_out_tongue:


The more you know. :slight_smile:
And don’t get @keefer started on WPT nuances.

If Stern’s code was open sourced then it would be easier to analyze things like this. I just don’t see Stern open sourcing any of their code for the greater good.

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Speaking of Stern and open source software, anyone know if/where they distribute the source for the GPL binaries they ship? This thread got me poking at the GOT rom, and I couldn’t help but notice what looked to be an ancient Linux kernel (2.6.30!)


Hahaha. wth?

Wow, only took 20 years for this to finally go public!

Note: Seeing this will cost you a credit, so it won’t work on Credits 0.


What determines those bonus seconds of play in Space Station?

So… many… questions…
WOPR?? What is that?
Why is there a wargames scene at the end?
What’s with the guy falling and bouncing??
How do you activate this??

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Adjustment 31. Can be set 20-40, default 25.

Unless you mean how do you get it, in which case it’s completing shuttle or station when the middle award is lit (50K + light bonus ball).

But there is another factor as well, taken from the rulesheet on IPDB: “The ‘bonus ball’ mentioned above is a timed extra ball at the end of the game. This normally lasts 25 seconds, but is increased to 45 seconds if you have achieved Multiball during the game”

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Ah thanks. Yes, I simply wanted to know how to get it. It wasn’t making sense to me (I never actually looked it up aside from on

Have to go back and find the movie War Games. I think there is a reference to WOPR?

Regarding this bonus ball… One time I watched someone lose a game 7 in a large tournament because they thought their bonus ball was an unallowable EB and just plunged it out. The score disparity was only about 200 or 300k, so it was definitely attainable within the ~25 seconds on the clock.

As a bystander, it was hard to bite my tongue and not “coach” in this situation, in the same way it’s hard not to reflexively alert someone who’s walking away from a ball save.


Yes, WOPR was the War Operation Plan Response computer that Matthew Broderick’s character “played a game” with. Pronounced the same way we pronounce WPPR, btw.

WOPR’s “Nuclear War” game is like facing sk8ball when he’s in the zone: “the only way to win is not to play.”


That part with the clowns jumping to the trampoline somehow reminded me of the games on TRS-80 Color Computer II. And if you’re not as old as me you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about.

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