High Stakes Tourney $4K Guaranteed For 1st

Yea, id try to put in a decent qualifying entry to help with WPPRs but thats about it for playing. Lol

The main point of this tournament is to reward first place with a high amount. Nothing is final except the $4000 guaranteed for first. The other numbers and ideas were just thrown out there as a starting point.

What if 40 sign up? 4,000 winner take all? What if 32 sign up? Still 4K to the winner?

Wouldn’t travel or pay into something like this without a reputable, experienced TD involved. Too many unknowns and possibilities for shenanigans.


Per the original post, the $4000 is only guaranteed on 50 entries minimum.

Understood to a degree. It’s not rocket science and not sure how any shenanigans would come into play.

You’d be surprised on both counts.


I don’t really feel like a $100 buy-in is really a high-stakes tourney. Several Herb tourneys I’ve played in required about that much just for one try on every game and a realistic entry for most players was two or three times that. People’s hotels are going to cost more than that if they’re from out of town.

People cheat. They do. People argue with the TD over everything. Machines break down. People try to wear head lamps. You’ll be lucky if you only ever have two things you’re trying to do at the same time in a 50 person tourney. Don’t try to do it alone.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I have a bunch of friends who are aerospace engineers, we always use the expression, “Don’t worry, it’s only rocket science” to describe, easy things you can do as second nature.


I have some experience and I don’t think I would be able to trust running a tournament of this caliber by myself. High stakes leads to some crazy shenanigans that I have seen as both a TD and a player.

Location sounds great if that can be handled!


Like what? I would like to be prepared for this stuff if I choose to run something of this caliber in the future.

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  • Player intentionally masked balls in the shooter lane from view on Heavy Metal Meltdown during Multiball. Incident reported after the player hastily plunged the balls because reasonable doubt was given towards the player in a prestigious tournament (in the case of the reporter) and the player knew they were being suspiciously watched for real evidence (in the case is the cheater).

  • Any time where a player accuses another of cheating and the accusation is vehemently denied.

  • Star Trek TNG kickback misfires and wedges a ball on top of a plastic. Drain or stuck ball?

  • “Loss of internal gamestate” rulings, like Getaway Secret or game miscalculations. Those require an extra bit of thought. Notably I got rulings-bit by one when Soccer forgot to trigger double bonus until Jon nudged the switch closed on his ball (Jon, apologies again for the frustration).

I’ll have to think of more.

Experienced players feeling dissatisfied with a ruling by a novice TD and using their clout to influence the decision to something more favorable.


Good examples. Thanks gents.

The move we call “the ****” (censored for privacy). Centers around being player 1. Intentionally don’t add second player and try something risky. If you do the thing, add other player, if you fail, restart the game since it is all players responsibility to make sure the correct number of players is in the game. Easier on some games than others.

Adding the other player after the game starts renders the game VOID anyway. The game must be STARTED with the correct number of players.


Yes, but we are talking about ways people try to cheat. I have seen this attempted. I suspect it has worked when other player was not paying attention.


Diabolical!! I’m adding this specifically to my pre tournament speeches along with playing out of turn.


If **** is someone’s name, what is the policy for sharing bad-player info amongst TDs and the general public? I understand the desire for privacy, but OTOH the threat of public shaming (and banishment from future tournaments) is a good discouragement for cheating. How egregious must attempted cheating be before it’s considered OK to share the perp’s name with everyone?