Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet

Seems like you can. So since there’s no more points in it, Groot MB is now more like the “get all my Hadron Enforcers and shot multipliers setup” multiball now.


Yes, they definitely carry over. The button flashing at the start of your next ball lets you know. Remember too that you get at least two smart bombs for each completion of targets. It’s sometimes tough to not pound the button when a ball drains. It will help you finsih modes, but they are much more valuable in MB (and II). Resist the temptation.

The first post suggests it prioritizes left most shots. I think that may be only during modes, not during MB. In MB, I think it gives you the most valuable shot, no matter where it is on the playfield. You can no longer collect the double super in groot MB with one, although the value isn’t nearly what it was on old code.

GOTG code rev 0.90 dropped today. This was in beta version at TPF and at last weekend’s Circuit/Heads Up event. Now available to the public. Looks like a LOT of good changes/additions.

PRO V0.90 - March 29, 2018

  • added flipper blow off to awards at the Orb Lane.
  • added logic to allow captured balls to exit the Orb Lane faster.
  • now it takes 7 shots to complete Antiquities Shop.
  • changed logic for the orbit control gates during Antiquities Shop (LE/Premium = Open, PRO = Closed).
  • Added new award displays to quill’s quest.
  • Added optimized award displays for quill’s quest.
  • changed rules for Yaka Arrow, i.e. a pop bumper centric rule. Every pop bumper session gives an award and lights a shot to be collected at the orbit/ramp/etc.
  • now it takes 8 shots to complete Yaka Arrow.
  • optimized Gamora Award1 art files.
  • added logic to the timer to display 7 bars to represent completion (Escape Kyln, Antiquities Shop).
  • Updated Timer artwork with revised 7-piece timer.
  • changed rules for Antiquities Shop, i.e. a switch centric rule. Every 20 switch hits gives an award in addition to awards collected at lit shots.
  • added the status of switch hits remaining to the Antiquities Shop background display effect.
  • changed rules for Yaka Arrow, i.e. a pop bumper centric rule. Every 10 pop bumper hits gives an award and lights a shot making it easier to complete the mode before time expires.
  • orbit combos are not available during Yaka Arrow as orbits always divert the ball into the pops during this mode.
  • added pop bumpers lamps to the mode select background lamp effect.
  • added the status of pop bumper sessions remaining to the Yaka Arrow background display effect.
  • Fixed an issue where, upon draining during a mode, the timer temporarily shows “0” tics remaining.
  • Added display functionality to remove Yaka Arrow “pops left” when there are 0 pops remaining.
  • added a grace period to Quills Quest shots.
  • Added pops sessions left for Yaka Arrow mode.
  • Fixed the formatting of the hurry up score in Quill’s Quest.
  • now it takes 12 shots to complete Quills Quest.
  • changed the drop target logic during Quills Quest to catch and release balls shot into a lit drop target/Orb lane.
  • now Quills Quest HurryUp Awards reset and bump up in value after each award.
  • advancing towards Orb Multiball is no longer available when Quills Quest is a multiball.
  • advancing towards Groot Multiball is no longer available when Quills Quest is a multiball.
  • added Quills Quest multiball stop functionality.
  • added HurryUp Score to Quills Quest background display effect.
  • First session of Quills Quest is a 2 ball multiball.
  • changed rules for Quills Quest, i.e. a HurryUp centric mode. Use the upgrade feature to make shots worth more points, Quill is always lit to collect an award.
  • Modified primary and secondary mode light shows to not interfere with available lit shots.
  • now shots to the Yondu lane are scored by both target and lane switch.
  • optimized Yaka Arrow upgrade lit logic.
  • fixed a bug where Groot’s mouth would not open during Cherry Bomb Multiball Super Jackpot.
  • Fixed high score game over screens to show the awards the player received.
  • Modified game over champion screens to be representative of the modes in question, i.e. Cherry Bomb Multiball Champion uses a “red” animated background.
  • reworked Yaka Arrow lamp infrastructure to accommodate upgraded pop bumper lamps.
  • optimized Escape Kyln lane change lamp logic for top/bottom lanes.
  • fixed a bug where the speech in Yaka Arrow 2 and Sanctuary 2 were transposed.
  • now the upgrade shot is available as a combo, i.e. the upgrade lamp will blink faster to indicate a combo is available.
  • added Cherry Bomb Jackpot, Double jackpot, Super Jackpot sounds.
  • optimized lamp logic in hadron enforcer.
  • Escape Kyln 2 is now a lanes centric rule.
  • Antiquities Shop 2 is now a switch centric rule.
  • changed rules for Escape Kyln, i.e. a lane centric mode. Play/Complete Escape Kyln to light a shot multiplier and advance Rocket Rampage Double Scoring.
  • now it takes 7 shots to complete Escape Kyln.
  • optimized background skill shot lamp effects.
  • the Hadron Enforcer is not allowed to collect the final shot (Rocket) during Escape Kyln.
  • changed the orbit control gate logic to accommodate diverting into the top lanes during Escape Kyln.
  • Top/Bottom lanes Nova Corps rule is not available during Escape Kyln.
  • Fixed an issue where the score frame Guardians target display continued to show when the bonus multipliers award came up.
  • Added colorized background videos for cherry bomb and save xandar
  • Added instant info for Cherry Bomb Champ and Save Xandar Champ.
  • Fixed an issue where the guardian’s target bank, upon completion, would still show the previous award if hit quickly.
  • Modified mystery award presentation to be segmented for flipper blowoff, i.e. you can blowoff/fast forward to the award.
  • Fixed mode 2 totals to include the ‘2’ in the text.
  • restructured Mystery Award Display Effect artwork to allow instant access to future frames in case the animation is blown off.
  • changed rules for Sibling Rivalry, i.e. a combo/flow centric mode. Use the upgrade feature to light shots that, when made, will
    light additional shots that are in line with the next flipped ball. This allows you to combo/finish the mode quickly.
  • now it takes 8 shots to complete Sibling Rivalry.
  • added 5-slot timer to Sanctuary
  • changed rules for Knowhere, i.e. an orbit centric rule. Use the upgrade feature to light all the shots during Knowhere making
    it easier to complete the mode before time expires.
  • Added 5-slot timer Artwork.
  • changed the rules for Pod Chase, i.e. a ramp centric mode. Use the upgrade feature to light all shots during Pod Chase making
    it easier to complete the mode before time runs out.
  • now it takes 10 shots to complete Pod Chase.
  • changed Sanctuary 2 score awards.
  • changed the rules for Sanctuary 2 which is now a roving super target mode. Hit the blinking Hadron Enforcer target to collect a roving super target award.
  • Added jackpot #2 display effect awards to all shots in Save Xandar.
  • Fixed an issue where switch hit display effects were not updating properly.
  • Modified switch hit display effect to stop playing new switch hit effects if the max number of older effects exist.
  • changed the default ball save settings on China games.
  • changed the adjustable default number of shots required to Upgrade a mode, default = 0, i.e. Upgrade is lit at the start of a mode.
  • changed the rules for Sanctuary which is now a target based mode. Complete the Hadron Enforcer targets before time runs out,
    shooting a left orbit (Ronan) shot will spot/collect a Hadron Enforcer target.
  • the Hadron Enforcer is no longer available during the Sanctuary mode.
  • Added a new final shot background for super jackpot during cherry bomb multiball.
  • Fixed an issue where jackpots for cherry bomb would occasionally not show.
  • Modified cherry bomb switch awards to not re-use recent positions.
  • Added super jackpot award for Save Xandar.
  • Added Cherry Bomb final shot artwork.
  • Updated Save Xandar character completion awards.
  • Added new cherry bomb awards to Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • fixed a misspelled word in the Yaka Arrow shooter groove background display effect.
  • fixed a misspelled word in the Yaka Arrow 2 Start display effect.
  • added logic that allows qualification of the Hadron Enforcer outside of modes/multiballs, i.e. now you can add shots to the Hadron Enforcer when modes/multiballs are not running.
  • added “Hadron Enforcer Qualified” as a mystery award.
  • added “Hadron Enforcer is Qualified” display effect.
  • Corrected Yaka Arrow titles.
  • added logic to skip Cherry Bomb music as the background main play music if Chery Bomb Multiball wizard mode is ready to start.
  • changed GUARDIANS spell out light logic. The “GUARDIANS of the Galaxy” light now strobes on/off when GUARDIANS is one letter/shot away from giving an award (Bonus X, Mystery Lit).
  • changed RAMPAGE spell out light logic. The “Rampage” light now strobes on/off when RAMPAGE is one letter/shot away from starting Rocket’s Rampage Double Scoring.
  • added Save Xandar High Score Champion.
  • added adjustments to support Save Xandar High Score Champion (default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give.
  • added Save Xandar Champion to the attract mode.
  • added Save Xandar Ready lightshow.
  • added Immolation Initiative Ready lightshow.
  • Fixed an issue where some choreo blowoffs occurred outside of ball held devices.
  • fixed broken audit (PRO only).
  • reorganized mystery awards.
  • Modified several choreos to have flipper blowoff enabled.
  • added 2X Jackpot Lit display effect to Orb Multiball.
  • added Cherry Bomb Multiball audits.
  • added Increase Pop Bumper Value as a Mystery Award.
  • Spinners and Pops are no longer available as mystery awards once they have reached their Max value.
  • removed unused mystery awards.
  • removed unused audits.
  • Lowered the brightness of Hex videos
  • Fixed letter spacing on “Hadron Enforcer Is Qualified”.
  • Changed layout of “Increase Pop Bumper Value” text.
  • Cherry Bomb Multiball Super Jackpot is now collected by shooting into Groot’s moving mouth.
  • tweaking timing of auto launched balls being ignored by the orbit switches.
  • the Hadron Enforcer is not available to collect a Cherry Bomb Multiball Super Jackpot.
  • added a Cherry Bomb Multiball Super Jackpot Ready lightshow.
  • Added abort animation adjustment to the mode and effect choreos.
  • Added flipper blowoff to all choreo staged shots, specifically for layered mode awards.
  • now the Hadron Enforcer can collect Save Xandar awards.
  • raised the volume of the countdown speech during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • added fixed Jackpot Scores to the Groot/Orb shots during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • now all 9 shots remain lit for a jackpot award during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • disabled target rule lightshows did not adhere to the rules color, this has been fixed.
  • optimized mode background light availability functionality.
  • optimized mode select background light availability functionality.
  • Mystery awards are no longer available during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • Groot target awards are no longer available during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • Right Outlane Save is no longer available during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
  • changed the Cherry Bomb Multiball ball save timer settings. Default = 60 seconds.
  • changed the default initials for Cherry Bomb Multiball Champion to MXV.
  • added a Cherry Bomb Multiball Completed display effect. (which shows total points collected during Cherry Bomb Multiball).
  • now balls auto launched via the shooter lane in Cherry Bomb Multiball will activate the orbit diverter, i.e. the balls
    will travel around the orbit to the left flipper instead of entering the pop bumpers.
  • now Cherry Bomb Multiball has 3 award levels to collect/complete.
  • added the Hadron Enforcer to Cherry Bomb Multiball wizard mode.
  • Cherry Bomb Multiball Wizard mode is now a timed based multiball. At the end while the balls are draining you are shown the total points
    collected before returning you back to 1 ball play.
  • added Cherry Bomb Multiball wizard mode.
  • added Cherry Bomb Multiball High Score Champion.
  • added adjustments to support Cherry Bomb Multiball High Score Champion (default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give.
  • added Cherry Bomb Multiball Champion to the attract mode.
  • optimized mode select display/music logic.
  • added a Cassette deck as the main play background video when modes/multiballs are not playing.
  • changed the criteria for qualifying Cherry Bomb Multiball. Now you need to complete any 4 modes (multiballs do not contribute to the count)
    to enable this feature.
  • now Immolation Initiative is not available to start if Cherry Bomb Multiball is ready to start.
  • Added cherries and cherry bomb background animations.
  • Added final shot plasma awards for each character and mode Final Shot for Save Xandar.
  • Moved “Sequencing” text on the background score frame.
  • Added flashers to all mystery awards.
  • Fixed an issue where shot multiplier mystery award was showing lights inconsistently.
  • added logic to play new/longer mode shooter groove videos.
  • added an Orb Multiball add-a-ball limit adjustment, Default = 1. This is the number of times you can add-a-ball into play
    by earning a Super Jackpot during Orb Multiball.
  • Added extended mode start animations for Antiquities Shop, Escape Kyln, Pod Chase, Quill’s Quest, Sanctuary, Sibling Rivalry, and Yaka Arrow.
  • changed Orb Multiball scoring, now super jackpot values reset at the beginning of each Orb Multiball (and after a super jackpot has been collected).
  • fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was scoring a Orb Multiball Super Jackpot.
  • limit the number of add-a-balls you can earn during Orb Multiball.
  • Modified the timing of several mystery award light shows.
  • fixed Orb Multiball background “advance shot multiplier” lightshow, i.e it was still flashing when all shot multipliers had been upgraded.
  • Orb Multiball is now easier to complete. After collecting the Orb HurryUp Jackpot all shots are lit for a Jackpot.
    Jackpots can be doubled by hitting the Orb target. After collecting all jackpots the Orb is lit for a double jackpot.
    Collect the Double Jackpot at the Orb to start a captive ball Super Jackpot HurryUp.
  • you can no longer use the Hadron Enforcer to collect an Orb Multiball Super Jackpot, i.e. you have to shoot the Orb shot.
  • added strobing lights to Orb “x” Collected lightshow.
  • added Orb Multiball Orb target lightshow and sound effect.
  • now balls auto launched via the shooter lane in Orb Multiball will activate the orbit diverter, i.e. the balls will travel around the orbit
    to the left flipper instead of entering the pop bumpers. This allows you time to hit the drop target captive ball in the Orb Lane before any
    Orb Multiball HurryUp Award points count down.
  • changed the default setting for the shot multiplier adjustment that required all multipliers to be collected before they could be collected again.
    Now, upon draining, previous multiplier shots can be collected.
  • changed the lamp logic on the lockdown bar button that indicates when a game can be started or not.
  • Modified mode select lights to not show until mystery is concluded.
  • Modified light show for multiplier lit awards via mystery.
  • Modified mode shot lights to not show while mystery is being presented.
  • Reverted lockdown bar button functionality to start games during match display.
  • Removed light color (green) from lockdown bar button when the game has no credits.
  • Updated mystery award “Hadron Enforcer Is Qualified” display effect with corrected word spacing.
  • optimized pop sound effect sequence.
  • Modified Groot multiball awards to cycle through awards, killing older ones if necessary.
  • Modified the double scoring icon timer display to not be stale for half a second, i.e. this gives it time to present itself if the system is busy.
  • Modified mode award display effects to stop playing over each other.
  • Fixed Drax art.
  • Fixed Drax display awards during save xandar.
  • Fixed an issue where mystery awarded shot multipliers lit when shot multipliers were already lit.

Bummer. there goes my 250M action button :wink:


Nice beefy changes! I wish these changelists were listed in some sort of logical order.

New mini-wizard mode Cherry Bomb MB for completing 4 modes. Quill’s Quest now an automatic MB the first time you start it?

I agree! I ended up using Chrome’s Find function to skip ahead to where the change log finally listed that Cherry Bomb MB had been added – many MANY lines after its first mention of an aspect of Cherry Bomb MB being modified. Oh well. I’ll take unorganized change logs vs not getting positive change.

Thanks for the new code, Stern!

“Bug fixes and performance enhancements” - every mobile app ever

My guess: if the change list is coming out of some bug tracking software, and if they organize theirs like I do mine as a software development manager, the most recent change is at the top (so I can see what’s being worked on actively first thing on the page). So, the addition of Cherry Bomb MB is lower than all the adjustments to Cherry Bomb MB that came about after its creation (with some wiggle room as to when they’re finally marked resolved).

Under this assumption, “Fixed an issue where mystery awarded shot multipliers lit when shot multipliers were already lit” was the first thing they tackled after the last release. “added flipper blow off to awards at the Orb Lane” was the last thing they finished before saying, “Let’s ship it.”

That’s not to say it couldn’t be reorganized before presenting it to the public, but, hey, the job is to make the game better, not to make a pretty software release note. I’m pretty excited for my local GOTG to be updated so I can try this version out!


Come on - get dedicated and go for 1.2B Pinburgh Champ! :wink:

Love the update. Modes are mostly unique and cover a diverse feature set. Cherry Bomb is huge enough that it’s the icing on the cake for a good game. Hadron Enforcers and multiballs need to be strategically used.

Working on a full wiki update on location right now!

Thanks @PAPA_Doug!


There is a feature option to disable the Groot motor so he doesnt open his mouth and i assumed this would enable virtual locks for Groot MB. What happens since he doesnt open his mouth is that you can’t progress and lock any balls for Groot MB eliminating this as a feature of the game. I assume this is yet to be programmed or is this the intended final state of disabling the Groot motor?

Updaterooni! Definitely a two faced game; not recommended for HERB due to Orb imbalancing (still there but Orb SJP base is usually equal to CBMB base and more accessible and manageable to 8x), but great in matchplay.

“Immolation Initiative” is weighted very heavily.
Ironic “Save Xandar” was only like 300 million for me.

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Both of the true wizard modes have the heaviest weight if completed. I know Ray bricked his Super in Xandar and walked away with 1.5B without that.

One exceptional Orb on .90 is essentially similar value without the investment of 10 modes (and repeatability!) and definitely is the go to HERB strategy.

Our GOTG on location is perfectly tuned so that the magnet will throw 50% of releases from orb SDTM or into the left outlane. Really balances things.


I would assume the magnet would be off in tournament play; with the heavy use on the machine and automatic overheat shutoff, that can be mitigated by just playing later in the day. :wink:

Seems like you can still collect the orb super with a smart bomb if you use a bunch of smart bombs quickly at the end of orb MB. Anyone else seeing that? Saw one collected for over 1B recently and it sure looked like it was scored by using a smart bomb. Readme says it was fixed.

Yep. Did this multiple times the other night.

The 1.5 bil was from Immolation Initiative, I never started Save Xander :’(

The last shot in my last mode was the rocket, and I hit it… and well… you know


I’ve only played Immolation once, and I didn’t have a co-pilot to note what was making decent scores on it. Is the Immolation scoring based on how you scored in each of the modes, or is the scoring at some fixed and gradually increasing value as you make more shots?

I’ve only been to II a few times and also without a co-pilot, but I have learned a few things. It’s a 6 ball frenzy mode. Number of switches remaining is shown on the display. Starts at 75 or 80. I believe the base switch value is 25k points each and I’ve seen it up to 50k. What I don’t know is what completing the number of switches required does. Could be:

Scores a jackpot
Increase the value of all other jackpot shots
Adds a ball

One huge change is that despite numerous recycling of drained balls, it now only flashes the shoot again light at the start of the mode. Before you could just let balls drain while the ball saver was running (numerous times) to get balls back up in the pops. Much like the wiz mode in Avatar. Easy money. Can’t do that any more.

Finally got a CB MB super and it was worth 150M, before multipliers. Much like orb MB, save your smart bombs for the final hard shots of CB MB and get the mouth opening and closing before the countdown starts. Because of the value, the groot shot is now the second shot I get to 2x after the orb shot. Hard to combo a moving mouth shot, but easy to get the shot multiplier prior to lighting the super.